Jantar Mantar March Commemorates Nari Shakti Vandan Adiniyam (Women’s Reservation Bill) Passage and Advocate for Swift Implementation

Jantar Mantar March Commemorates Nari Shakti Vandan Adiniyam (Women’s Reservation Bill) Passage and Advocate for Swift Implementation
Stresses swift women Reservation implementation in Jammu and Kashmir
New Delhi, 8 December 2023 – In a big stride towards women Reservation in India, on December 8, 2023 marked a momentous occasion as we rallied in solidarity and determination, marching to Jantar Mantar to commemorate the historic passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill. Our purpose was clear – to advocate for immediate measures ensuring the swift and effective implementation of this groundbreaking legislation. This historic march united a coalition of distinguished women organizations, including Women Power Connect, Centre for Social Research, Stree Shakti- The Parallel Force, CEQUIN, A.Ni.S. I,U & We, Gyan Gangotri, Angaja Foundation, Action India, and others, representing a diverse spectrum of voices committed to women’s empowerment. Delegates from Surat, Kolkata, Srinagar,among others brought an all-India perspective to the gathering.
WPC, CSR, and dynamic personality
Rekha Mody active since four decades fighting for women Reservation in elected bodies of India and training women for leadership roles.
In this regard,
Recognizing the historical approval of the bill, we believe that its genuine influence rests on efficient execution, demanding a joint commitment from all political parties and the government alike. On this momentous day, they raised 3 major demands that espouse the efficient implementation of the Bill-
Immediate Implementation in Jammu and Kashmir: Ms. Rekha Mody from Stree Shakti, Kolkata, and Ms. Farzana Mumtaz, Media owner, Srinagar, with others, advocate for an immediate implementation of 33% reservation in Jammu and Kashmir, where delimitation has occurred. We believe the stage is set for the government to demonstrate its genuine commitment to bringing political gender equality into practice.
2. Comprehensive Political Training Initiatives: Ms. Gita Shroff from A.Ni.S. I,U & We organisations, Surat, with others, endorse comprehensive training initiatives designed specifically for aspiring women leaders entering state and legislative assemblies. This endorsement underscores the imperative of empowering women with specialized political knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of their roles effectively and ensure their incubation into the political system to be supplemented with competence and confidence.
3. Mandatory Reservation in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Dr. Rajana Kumari from Women Power Connect, CSR, Ms. Laura Prabhu from Cequin, Dr. Naresh Mudgal from Naari Sena, and Ms. Padmini kumar from JWP with others, propose a compelling directive urging political parties to enforce a mandatory 33% reservation for women contestants in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections within their respective jurisdictions. Through this strategic initiative, we seek to orchestrate a significant advancement towards gender parity in electoral representation. We aspire to create a transformative shift in political dynamics, fostering a more balanced and
representative democratic process that genuinely reflects the diversity of our nation. And that begins with the political parties taking initiative.
Let all the stakeholders come together in this pivotal moment to propel the Women’s Reservation Bill beyond mere legal framework, transforming it into a cornerstone development that unlocks the boundless potential of women leaders across our nation. Let us collectively embrace this historic juncture, working hand in hand to usher in a new era where the bill serves as a driving force, empowering and amplifying the voices of women leaders on a national scale.
Rekha Mody,  eminent face of India and a name to recon with as far as ensuring  Reservation of women in Assemblies and Parliament is considered and also heading eminent organizations
She Leads and Stree Shakti observed ” It is heartening that women Reservation in elected bodies is now a reality. But, since we have had successful delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir, and in rest of the country it is not possible to have delimitation before 2026 ,so implementing wonen  Reservation here is next logical step. The parties should identify women leaders in Jammu and Kashmir and give them mandate in upcoming parliament and assembly election. As far as training of women leaders is considered we have many institutions in country and organizations like She Leads and Stree Shakti would give desired efforts in this regard. Women leadership through elected bodies would take country to new levels of progress and prosperity. “