Educational System in Kashmir


Syed Mustafa Ahmad
A lot of money is spent in educational field;Because the administrators think that it will give us a valuable yield.It is quite necessary to invest in  educational field because it is the best field;Because when the circumstances become harsh, it will act as a nice shield.In reality, nothing valuable comes into the market to be followed;Because there is no educational policy what is the need of a question to be solved!Corruption is the hallmark of our educational system and the custodians are almost dissolved;And in the age of science and technology, we are taught to be crawled.Everywhere are schools and schools and schools but no education;I am amazed at the so-called teachers who call education, information!Education means to fit in every kind of situation;But the education in Kashmir teaches the students of humanities about the chemical reaction!Government schools are the ghost places of nothing;When both the government teachers and the students are crumbling,how to think of setting!The praise is showered over the number of teachers in a school ,not to look at this fact;are  students understanding!Punctuality weak  and some verses of Iqbal, Edward said and others won’t make the barren schools wetting!The children of the Government teachers are reading Iqbal private institutions;Because their parents can afford to send them to the so-called tuitions!But believe me, students are never taught but only destruction in the form of the fusions!When they become old, they are filled with the permanent corrosions.The results given by our government schools make us to think that another GB Shaw is ready in coming days;But in reality, we are daydreaming and treading upon the false ways.In a thousand score, thirty distinctions make no sense and the teachers want reward in the form of lays!Nine hundred are failed but they don’t care because they are busy in parties and the false trays.Another aspect is of the private schools that has proved a boon as well as a bane;Because they precipitate on the appropriate time but sometimes when there is no need of precipitation ,they begin to fall in the form of futile rain!Our children are happy that ,at the end of the day, they are in a position to differentiate between sane and insane!Further, they are not disclosing what they have actually learnt for the others to gain.Actually, they are the champions of champions in a disguised attire;Because ,if you are not going to praise them, they will make you the target is satire.For the running purpose in this loot and plunder, they are always ready and don’t bother about any tyre;Because they are experts in everything so they can make a lump of earth a wire!All are confused on the basis of education and it’s worth;Some are serious and some are laughing in mirth.A heap of teachers is of no worth because they have attained the same girth;And the earth is not expanding, so we are looking for the seizing earth.Many toppers but no-one is educated in reality;Because everyone is looking same and there is no variety.Failures are never failures because they  fail in the already failed system and should have satiety;And our toppers are toppers in the stories of the mythical world and call it the best creativity.Put the special brakes on the smooth growing of schools and look out for skills;Because keep Kashmir aside, India ,being a large country ,is devoid of skills and is looking for evils.All of us will be thrown into the world of donkeys because we don’t weigh the teachings of the devils;And the students ,who are engineers in the dreams, look out for the civils.Yellow buses are all around and making a common Kashmiri bound;We are already depressed and with this menace , we become more unsound.Here,no land is available for a common man to think and wait because the lands are occupied by the institutions ,what to found;And the dust is scattered by the yellow buses and piled in a mound.Many generations are lost and can’t afford more to die like in this culture;Because, at the end of the day, education is about suicides and a feeding ground for a hovering vulture!We don’t  need certificates but we want our innocent children back and will train them how to be a real soldier;Because we have seen the sorry faces of this Kashmiri education and will try to give them the truest layers of education in the form of an eternal fur.Keep your education and budgets under your supervision;Because you make us to lose our vision.We will follow China and Iran and know about fission;Because your teachings are those teachings that don’t have any religion.Construct buildings and die under them in the harshest way;Because you are the persons who are the agents of a false ray.