Mind Management and artificial intelligence

Vijay GarG
(Human mind is superior to any computer and artificial intelligence)
The human mind travels faster than any other object; the wise bard once proclaimed, “Mind is a part and parcel of human body, but while body resides here, where the mind resides, it is unknown”, it flees at a faster speed more than the thundering light, therefore controlling of human mind is most important exercise that the human being must adhere to manage it, who cherish success and happiest moment in their lives. To understand better the functions of various organs of the human body, human anatomy is there to be studied, but the practice of controlling the human mind is the most important lesson that every conscious and enlightened human must learn in time before it is too late. Mind controlling or management is a rigorous practice that can be achieved by various methods like spiritual healing process yoga practice, singing of glory of God, or various forms of physical exercises.
The entire creature and most importantly the human being when they are born are innocent, unenlightened, illiterate, or untrained, without an iota of knowledge of living. Gradually and slowly, they gain knowledge following their parents or society. They need, therefore, the training, and practice to learn the art of living and become good social beings in times. Domesticated animals are tamed and used for various purposes. Likewise, the human body, the various organs, and the mind must be dexterously trained and skillful to survive in life.
     The human mind is very sensitive and is attracted by the multifarious activities around the environment they live. Numerous pleasant and unpleasant, negative and positive incidents take place in day-to-day life. The human mind is moreover, attracted by negativism easily because it is easy to follow, but learning the traits of living needs hard endeavor, dedication, perseverance, and positive action. The human mind gathers information from the physical world and stores it just like the data memory in computers. As the programming and application data of the computers run, so the human mind functions, but the human mind is superior to any computer and artificial intelligence (AI), rather they are made by the human mind and out of discovery.
     There are three levels of the human mind which are categorized as sub-conscious, conscious, and super-conscious mind. The various data, statistics, and information are stored in the subconscious mind. All kinds of prejudice, physical information, etc. are directly related to the subconscious mind. The collected data and information received by the sub-conscious mind need to be filtered, modified, and edited before they are taken or used, so there is a need of conscious mind that must be enlightened enough to distinguish rights and wrongs, therefore; the conscious mind has the quality of storing and developing the useful, positive and motivating ideas and energy, the habit, behavior, etiquette, discipline and initiative are made and motivated by conscious mind in right direction, while the action taken out of subconscious mind in ignorance that leads the human often towards dark side of life.
     The developed and enlightened mind is conscious enough which is capable to accept the proactive, energizing, inspirational, and optimistic elements of the collected data and ignore or dump the negative objects like disposing of garbage.The human mind and intellectual self are, therefore, superior to any supercomputers or IA, because a developed human mind can think, edit, review, exam, monitor, make programming, etc. and AI and computers are also made out of the human brain and mind. Artificial Intelligence is therefore not an alien object, but the outcome of an enlightened human mind and intellect; it is for the use of assistance and facilities for human development.
    The conscious and enlightened mind therefore needs the proper use of physical materials like AI, computers, mobile phones, drones, or various scientific innovations and discoveries. A conscious human being is therefore conscious enough to strike the balance and utilities of various scientific tools, gadgets or AI. Human beings must not be slaves of such tools and machines, but they must be controlled by a conscious mind.
The entire world is full of miseries, suffering, agonies, natural calamities, sadness, and various odds in life. There are pains, deceits, misunderstandings, misconceptions, strides, tug of war, and wrestling in life, therefore, it is said that the physical world is an ocean of tragedy and misery; one must leave one day from this physical world. To undergo utter desperation, acute depression after loss, or over-optimism or pessimism is not the proper way of living. Weeping long for the loss or any kind of suffering till the last drop of tears is also not the solution to being safe from misery, it needs courage, the vibration of a positive mind, activities of positive thoughts, and positive action.
     Understanding the truth that life is full of sufferings and struggles, a conscious and enlightened mind is fully committed to be happy and act positively directed and inspired by wisdom and bliss. Napoleon Hill of the world best seller book, Growing Rich rightly depicted that a human being is a master and captain of his soul. The human mind is activated, vibrates, and includes fast due to various factors in which well-balanced physical marital relationships, music, singing and dancing, and various practices or poses of physical exercises are important in human life. Further, the auto-suggestion of positive thought processes as a daily practice in the morning and evening prayers are important spiritual practice as the author Norman Vincent Peale suggests. It is just like cleansing dirty particles from the cloth by watering and washing rigorously, As much as the dirty and worse behavior in the subconscious mind so the much the practice of healing by autosuggestion is needed. Auto-suggestion is taking out the garbage, the bad behavior, practice stored in their mind and replacing them with positive thoughts and inspirational events, and words so that people can change their unwanted behavior with positive thoughts, belief system, outlooks in life.
Shrimat Bhagawat Geeta, one of the best-sacred book of the world suggest;“safeguard one’s mind and soul from evil and never underestimate self or surrender before the evil, the mind, soul, and thought process itself is the friend or enemy of a human being. . Mind management therefore requires a lot of spiritual practices, devotions, and yoga practices followed by a lot of positive thoughts to combat the increasing number of vices and evils of this physical world. Only then, the world becomes paradise on earth. Every individual prospers and move forward if first and foremost they go through the well-defined and broad-based practice of mind management abstaining from the slavery of modern technology like mobile phone, AI, etc., and practice the art of living by genuine teachers The world is full of happiness and paradise to those who know the truth of natural process like birth and death, youthfulness and old age and control the mind safeguarding the evil aggression like jealousy, blasphemy, discrimination, bias consideration, prejudice, and unhealthy competition and race for earning money, glory and accumulating wealth and power
Vijay GarG is Retired Principal Educational columnist Malout Punjab