Escalation in Covid

Escalation in Covid across Jammu and Kashmir 

News Kashmir Exclusive

Coronavirus as global pandemic has wrecked havoc across countries and continents. Millions have been infected and one million deaths so far. 
In Jammu and Kashmir too the Coronavirus has impacted in much hard way with deaths crossing the one thousand mark. Jammu And Kashmir has now more than eighty thousand reported cases and more than 1200 dead with about sixty thousand recoveries. 
The expert voices are worried that people have become lazy while following necessary precautions as a result the Coronavirus is rapidly spreading in entire Jammu and Kashmir. 
Social functions like marriages and funerals are becoming unfortunately super spreaders in Jammu and Kashmir . 
Dr. Yasir Wani, a senior doctor often reflecting on Covid and quite vocal on precautions that need to be taken states :”When you lower your guard against Covid either by attending marriages or funerals giving two hoots to precautions, do think about those among your family and friends who aren’t as healthy as you are ! Those who are elderly, have comorbidities and those who are high risk for complications of Covid !Imagine the pain, guilt and the mental trauma of living with the thought that you were the reason for someone close to you losing the battle against covid just because you decided to have some quality time for once and attended a function where SOPs were thrown into the dustbin !Can one live with that GUILT ?Think about it ! Think hard !”

On the other hand, masses not adhering to the basic precautions has lead a wave of concern with no respite in offing. The need of the hour is to follow all precautions with utmost interest so that we are able to flatten the curve. 
The expert pulse is that in wake of vaccine being much long distance we can arrest thr rising tendency of Coronavirus graph only by wearing masks, adhering to social distance and rigorous handwashing.