Elections are soul of Democracy, opinion 4 March, 2024 issue by Syed Irfan Hashmi


Elections are soul of Democracy
By Syed Irfan Hashmi
Elections are soul of democracy. The upcoming elections in UT J&K an opportunity for the people of J&K to change the fate towards betterment.
The upcoming elections in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) indeed present an opportunity for the residents to have a say in shaping the region’s future. Elections are a fundamental aspect of democratic governance, providing citizens with the chance to choose their representatives and express their views on the issues that matter to them.
The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Jammu and Kashmir, Pandurang Pole has said that preparations were underway in full swing for the elections to the five parliamentary seats in UT of  J&K. Preliminary reports indicate that there could be around 8.7 million electors eligible to vote for the five Lok Sabha seats from J&K.
The parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in April-May.
Bharat as a vibrant democracy and J&K as integral part of Bharat. Every voter has responsibility to cast their votes for development, security, Peace and prosperity . This is the opportunity for 8.7 million people of J&K to change the fate. Everyone should Caste their votes for their potential candidates, through their votes, the people can express their aspirations for peace, prosperity, and inclusive development, as well as for the resolution of longstanding issues that affect their daily lives.
The complex history and unique circumstances of Jammu and Kashmir, the elections hold particular significance. They offer the potential for the selection of leaders who can address the region’s challenges, promote development, and work towards reconciliation and stability.
It’s important that the elections are conducted in a fair, transparent, and peaceful manner, allowing all eligible individuals to participate freely. Additionally, it’s crucial for the elected representatives to prioritize the welfare of the people, fostering inclusive governance and economic progress.
The elections in Jammu and Kashmir are an opportunity for the residents to contribute to the shaping of their own destiny, and it’s essential that the process is carried out with the utmost integrity and consideration for the diverse needs of the population. Upcoming elections are going to be proud event for democratic India.
The upcoming elections in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir represent an important opportunity for the people of the region to influence and potentially change the trajectory of their future. By participating in the electoral process, the residents of Jammu and Kashmir have the chance to elect leaders who they believe will best represent their interests and work towards addressing the unique challenges facing the region.
The upcoming elections in Jammu and Kashmir offer the people an opportunity to shape their own destiny and play a crucial role in determining the future direction of the UT J&K.
Article written by Freelancer Journalist / Socio Political Activist SYED IRFAN HASHMI.