Asphyxiation deaths in Kashmir



Kashmir is known for its harsh climate and people try to brace themselves with different gadgets so that to warm themselves .

People dying due to asphyxiation, a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing, is rampant across the Kashmir valley, claiming the largest chunk of the total deaths and it mostly occurs due to careless use of gas heaters Life in Kashmir during harsh winters is painful due to intense cold , this year too the main  water bodies like the Dal Lake go into a freeze, water taps in the homes and the main supply lines also get blocked as the water running in them turns into ice.


In a heartrending incident, On Friday night, a heart wrenching incident happened at Bemina Srinagar due to suffocation caused by gas heater, claiming death of five family members including a child which is the most traumatic.


In one more incident in Burran village of Pattan in North Kashmir’s Baramullah district, a 13-year-old boy died and three others were hospitalised due to asphyxiation.


According to the medical advisers, the excessive use of heaters often leads to nausea or even death. Children, pregnant women and their unborn babies, older people, and people with chronic illnesses such as heart and lung disease are at increased risk.

The need of the hour is to aware people about how to carefully use warming gadgets especially the gas heaters .