Government Support to Urs in Kashmir a great development

Government Support to Urs in Kashmir a great development
Sufi Saints have always held an important place in the history , heritage and society of Kashmir as they are deeply respected and adored across all sections .In a very good development,Div Com Kashmir P K Pole few days back said that support would be extended from government for Urs annually observed at different religious places of Kashmir. 
Pole while interacting with media persons in Rajbagh said that a formal support from the government would come for the observing of Urs, which takes place in different parts of Kashmir. 
He further said that a proper policy has the government come up with in this regard. “People of Kashmir cutting across religion lines have faith in Saints and often visits to their holy places,” said P K Pole. 
It is worth mentioning Kashmiri Sufism not just mirrors the conduct of a Kashmiri individual – both Pundit and Muslim, but on the other hand is a whole of the profound astuteness, all things considered, and sages, who have lived in Kashmir valley directly from the hour of Kashyapa Rishi (from whose name, the word Kashmir is gotten from).

The Government support to the Annual Urs of Sufi Saints is a marvellous step taken by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.