Children Brutalized In Conflict Zones

Children are innocent flowers and the killing of children in any human conflict is highest form of barbarity. Killing of Burhaan by unknown gunman in restive North Kashmir township of Sopore or sweeping of Aylan Kurdi by sea waves , A Syrian Kurdish refugee boy fleeing war or killing of scores of children in conflict zones like Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia etc is a heartrending affair. When the children should be given utmost care and affection the sanity in many parts of world is turning into insanity as we see children used as soldiers by extremist groups and militias ,bombarded to death in airstrikes or mortar shelling of so called civilised states. Scores of child soldiers are losing their precious lives in conflicts and are shamefully enough used as executioners of their rivals by various extremist groups in present world of ours which speaks volumes of callousness that has hit humans in many parts of the world.

The barbarity the present day humans have shown to the children is simply baffling and questions whether we have really achieved civilization or that is mere rhetoric.Killing of any human life in violent conflict is a shameful aspect and barbarity shown towards children is more condemnable and should aghast every conscience human.

Let us for the smile of children and for their innocence learn to solve issues ,conflicts and disputes in a humane manner rather than adopting a brutalizing approach which makes us less human more beast.