Kashmir: Youth at Crossroads

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Youth are termed season of hope but in Kashmir this youth has suffered most due to ongoing conflict and violence that continues unabated since past three decades.

The unresolved Kashmir conflict has taken a worst toll on the youth of Kashmir. In last few years a renewed trend has been witnessed among the youth of Kashmir with reference to adopting the Armed path of resistance and thus losing their precious lives.

With the resignation of Dr. Shah Faesal from the IAS, who had shot to limelight by topping the famed IAS exams few years back proved this crossroads point behind doubt. The Prime speculation is that he will join politics.

Heightened violence in the year 2018 claimed most the lives of youth .


Renowned Social activist and researcher Muzamil Maqbool stated :”The youth of Kashmir are at crossroads. There is an environment of disappointment among youth as scores of youth have lost their life in violent conflict and youth are confused among different political narratives. The debate is on whether to join the electoral politics is a good move or not and youth are thinking about it. Need of an hour is to create a platform for everyone especially for youth where they can have their say. Where they can share their thoughts and ideas with each and get heard but unfortunately time and again policy makers and leaders everywhere have failed to address the ground realities. In these  tough times all we can hope is to have a peaceful and better future for everyone. Otherwise we are leaving nothing for the generations to come.”

On the other hand the political buzz has also heated up.



Reiterating that everyone should respect the decision of IAS topper Shah Faesal AIP president Er. Rasheed has appealed Shah Faesal not to let people down and prove his words. While addressing a press conference in Srinagar , Er. Rasheed said Shah Faesal’s resignation from the services has proved that sincere people can’t serve under corrupt political dispensation and is authentication of the fact that Kashmiris are being denied their rights and are facing worst state Terrorism. Er. Rasheed said “what so ever reasons Shah Faesal has cited for his resignation, it yet again reveals and confirms that New Delhi is treating J&K as a colony and the Kashmiri officers especially hailing from majority community are facing discrimination and alienation within the system, Otherwise an IAS topper would never have been compelled to leave the job as he could have served more as a top class bureaucrats than as politician. Shah Faesal is absolute right in saying that Kashmiris get killed, tortured, humiliated and are being deprived of their fundamental rights. It is for Shah Faesal to decide how he can achieve his goal or fight for the rights of Kashmiris.” Er. Rasheed said that while taking next step is Shah Faesal’s own choice but his joining any party not with good track record will lead to confusions and the intentions of Shah Faesal will come under question mark.


The pulse of ground zero is that youth in Kashmir are definitely on crossroads and need a balm to their wounds.