Whenever I am called for service to humanity I am always ready to go to any extent: Jeevanjyot Singh, Khalsa Aid

Jeevanjyot Singh, a prominent Khalsa Aid volunteer from Jammu & Kashmir recently became the poster boy of Khalsa Aid in its noble efforts to aid Rohingya Muslim refugees of Burma at Bangladesh Burma border .

Jeevanjyot’s picture went viral on social media while helping the Rohingya Muslims.

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, Jeevanjyot Singh Talks to Rameez Makhdoomi



How bad is current situation on Burma Bangladesh border?

Situation is so catastrophic; nearly 1 million people have reached Bangladesh Southern border. Situation is worsening day by day due to fluctuating weather.

What is your focus on ?

Our main focus is on providing majorly food to everyone as it is now the basic necessity and also water. We are providing hot prepared meals to almost 25k people every day.

What motivates Khalsa aid to work in such risky situations ?

Our Guru Granth sahib has always taught us SARBAT DA BHLA it means Betterment of whole mankind and we are doing that in various parts of this world wherever it’s a disaster, any war zone any sort of complications.

Is Bangladesh Government cooperating ?

Yes Bangladesh  government  is  fully cooperating.


What will be your appeal to donors ?


Our appeal to donors is just donate for humanity ,Religion never divides and in every holy book it is specified that we are humans first .

How much is local people & refugees cooperating  in easing Crisis ?

People are accepting us with open arms we have heard refugees  saying that everyone is helping with money, clothes and other basic things  and refuges state  the way you cook food for us is just amazing.

What are future projects of Khalsa aid?

Khalsa aid is running different projects in whole of the INDIA and projects are abrupt as I said we work in disasters and war zones. We are running Two schools in Punjab where kids of Rickshaw pullers, labourers etc study free of cost and the strength is 900, we have skill development centers in Punjab, an adopted hospital in Jammu, we are sponsoring many medical cases throughout the country and it keeps on adding every month.

A bit about yourself  ?

As a Khalsa aid volunteer my basics are very much clear, whenever I am called for  service to humanity  I am always ready to go to any extent. We are specially trained for these sort of projects and managing crowds.