Welcome relief for vehicle owners

Welcome relief for vehicle owners 
In a Development which would give relief to the people of Kashmir, few days back the Jammu and Kashmir High Court  scrapped the March 27 circular issued by RTO Kashmir, which mandated reregistration of vehicles with outside state registration numbers within 15 days. This  judgment was lauded by  the vehicle owners across Jammu and Kashmir.
The high court said that a vehicle once registered in any Indian state doesn’t require to be registered elsewhere in India, but when the Motor Vehicle registered in one State and runs in other states for more than 12 months, the owner shall apply to the Registration within whose jurisdiction the vehicle is for the assignment of the new registration mark, this is valid under Sections 46 and 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.
Moreover, lifetime tax that is levied at the point of registering a vehicle in terms of Section 3 of the Motor Vehicles Act cannot be levied merely on a presumption that a vehicle registered outside JK has remained in the Union Territory for more than 12 months.After this judgement many such vehicle owners sighed breathe of relief .Advocate Zahoor Ahmad Bhat, who appeared for the petitioners seeking quashment of RTO’s circular, told reporters, “As per the quashment of the order issued by RTO by the honorable high court, vehicle owners with outside registration numbers can drive the vehicles in Jammu and Kashmir or any other state.
“There is no need to re-register or pay any token tax”.In these sad times the news like such has brought smiles on scores of faces .

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