Transformation:- As If It Happened

Writer Syed Zumair Bukhari



Isolated every now & then, up the creep,

Life goes on with musings of heap;

Hollowness tempts me deepen deep,

Blissful often unhollows me, i cry ,i weep;

Why couldnt uh hear me? Am i that nigh?

I’ve veiled your reminiscence with every sigh;

On the wedge of hills,i scream your name,

My soul stretches tight across the skies,

The rainbow furnishes shade to reach you,

The time resumes to feel you, to feel us,

I’m burnt-out in my covetousness, blazing high,

Your shadow furnishes breeze to my lingering soul,

I espy uh in the burnt-out ends of smoky day,

Though you’ve a great vision of boulewards,

Your glimpse fades to astonish me,

And slowly I live I die, though it hardly understands,

I being a hypocrite keep things go on,

Uh exist no more in my nest, so doesnt i,

Somewhere far away, I yet feel us,

Abhorrence jammed ecstasy, life walked out,

Time passed by degrees, detached us,

Nothing much to carve up,

We departed long turns back,

Distant us,

Strangers Us . . .