The Dazzling figure of DDC Suliaman Ah Mir !!!

The dazzling figure of DDC Suliaman Ah Mir!!! 

Owais Ah Shah

The writer is a Student 
The DDC results have witnessed the emergence of fresh new candidate’s who are brimful of enthusiasm & carry a torch of grit for future.Here in Handwara’s Rajwar constituency,Suliaman Ah Mir of PAGD has also won the seat & taken the center stage for his stunning success.He is one of the dazzling figures who is emulated by the young people for his élan,eclat & alacrity.He is one of those candidate’s who has been massively supported by the young people & made his victory possible.Before DDC,Suliaman Ah Mir has also been a Sarpanch who always took the responsibility of people with great commitment & his public engagement has always caught the attention of other’s.Now as people have elected him as their representative as DDC,the expectations are massive & he will have to not only measure up to their expectations but also make this constituency a model constituency.Among the young,fresh new candidate’s,Suliaman Ah Mir is at the top who can deliver his promises well.People of Rajwar constituency are looking forward for Development which has been the basic ingredient of the DDC election’s & for them Suliaman Ah Mir is the ideal candidate who can make & shape the constituency for a bright & best possible future. How good it would be for Suliaman Ah Mir to swing himself into DDC will be seen in the future but his ability,boldness & courage is what makes him the dazzling emblem of Kupwara district.He is a DDC of quality who will set an example in dealing development issue’s. 
It has been a long yearning desire of people in Rajwar especially the young to see Suliaman Ah Mir as their representative who will lead change & address their issue’s.Now as a DDC,he has a massive responsibility on his shoulders for future.Not only the youth in his constituency but his appeal to other people in other places has supported him massively.