Quality Private Hospitals Needed in Kashmir

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Healthcare as we all know is   the basic sector of every society. Kashmir with its population of more than 6 million has always not had that bright health sector. As it is a known fact that Public Health care has made good strides in our part of the world but yet it has to failed the needs of populace.

Pertinently, the lack of quality Private Hospital too has worsened the problems of Kashmiri people with the result they have to rush outside state  immediately especially to quality Private healthcare facilities in Delhi and Mumbai, but all this comes not only at expensive treatment costs their but also costly travel and staying costs there.

The Indian health system includes public and private hospitals as well as specialized Ayurvedic hospitals. All major cities and medium-sized urban centres have private hospitals that provide an excellent standard of care  but in the Valley of Kashmir we do not have much private hospitals.


Ghulam MUHAMMAD, A commoner states -“We do not have much quality Private hospitals in Kashmir. The existing ones have failed to meet the desires expectations. We need to set a quality Private hospital chain so as to lessen the pain of masses.”

The realities urge on entrepreneurs of Kashmir to divert their financial resources to set a quality hospitals in Kashmir and all the stakeholders should come forward.