Professionalism… A jaded outlook!!!

Owais Ah Shah
Professionals are of multiple colours. A professional can be enthusiastic, motivated only if he is brimming over with the ideas of truthfulness and honesty. The biggest threat looming over every society can be of supposed professionals. An individual who is an ignorant can’t become a professional but the craze and an image created around the idea of career prospects has hijacked the idea of true professionalism in the eyes of beholder. We also come across these elements who always preclude and repudiate the true values of professional integrity. These people are lured on multiple tenuous objectives. They are susceptible to these ideas and more and more wrong footed by dealers. A poster mounted on the wall is of vital importance. But when this poster turns out to be a disaster then every human individual would say “Close this shop of deceit and fraud”.
The aforementioned phrase is not yet visible to us. When our kids walk 12th exams, every parent has an urge to send kids outside. They want to make these kids Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Pharmacists and other professionals. But these professionals are always on the Verge of collapse. This is good to send kids outside state or country to become professionals but before jumping into this,we need to get them proper counseling and every institution should have proper govt recognition.
A large number of kids who go outside fall prey to institutes that lack confidence and high quality education, then it becomes a menace. These students were to be brought into an institution which must have been exuding intellectual strain but we and our misconception has bounced us into doing this. Extolling the virtues of an institution to assimilate much and more kids is like a machine that eats all stuff. These quality students are eaten away by the idea of farcical institutional craze which maw’s them into it.The lack of ethical importance is another aspect which has driven wedge between professionals and Jekyll and Hyde.
If I am said,what are the noble professions after teaching, I and every individual would say Professional doctors, professional nurses, professional pharmacists. But these all have become objects. A true pharmacist is always helpful if he has completed his studies with vigour, dynamism and commitment. Then we can never have drug peddlers selling the drugs below the counter.But where a supposed professional opens a drug store,he will either bring his own relative, neighbor or friend into this. He will never ever dream of having his shop setting an example but money is all his life. This idea derives its roots from political patronage which is a canker eating away at the heart of society. Who says hospitals are places of impersonal warmth.It is wrong. In hospitals we see professional doctors as well as nurses.
But these people are very small in number. Having touch based with a professional nurse at SMHS in Srinagar,he believes professional nurses can do wonders if they maintain positiveness and hope, adding the large number of prospects have messed with it.There should be balance and hard work in every field. Students come to become nurses but very small in number, a large part of students are crestfallen students who never wanted to be in the field. Having failed in MBBS,the second option of Nursing is always available. This frustration does great harm. He said his personal aspiration brought him into this and proper counseling is must to shape up the future of kids.
I believe there is a way to get rid of all menaces provided that proper counseling is done. A noble teacher can do it in his school, a noble doctor in his clinic and a noble pharmacist in his drugstore. Others can also do it well.Any craze should not contaminate minds of young kids.IAS,IIT,MBBS,B-Tech,B-Pharm,LLB and journalism should not be misunderstood. We should choose our goal to work for the well being and development of our society, not to earn ill gotten money or to show it off. We have a tremendous talent but misguidance of dealers and others can do massive harm to this society. Let us pledge to work cohesively for professionals.
(The writer is Student at GDC Handwara).