OYINDRILA RAY GHOSH – Top Celebrity Fashion Stylist

By Rameez Makhdoomi

Celebrity stylist, Oyindrila Ray Ghosh talks to Rameez Makhdoomi on finding success in the fashion industry. 

A trailblazer in the field of fashion, Oyindrila Ray Ghosh is an award winning fashion designer, celebrity stylist, creative director, model, influencer, columnist, marketing and branding expert. A two time TEDx speaker with over a decade of styling experience, Oyindrila has styled A-list Bollywood celebrities, ad campaigns for some of the biggest brands, TV and web series, and India’s top CEOs and entrepreneurs. 

Coming from humble beginnings, Oyindrila’s career and success is an inspiration to millions of youngsters who dream of making it big in the fashion industry. Talking about her childhood, Oyindrila was an academically meritorious student who was expected to follow a traditional career path to become an engineer or a doctor. Instead, she chose to follow her passion and pursued a career in fashion. 
“I have always been quite drawn towards fashion from an early age. I would fill countless notebooks with garment sketches, binge on trend reports, fashion magazines and fashion shows. By the age of 14, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fashion.”
“As a high school student with limited access to information, and no one in the family even remotely associated with the fashion industry, the only way I knew of working in fashion was to become a fashion designer. I didn’t even know that there was a role of fashion stylist that existed back then. So in 10th grade I decided to pursue fashion design, and secured a seat at India’s top fashion institute, National Institute of Fashion Technology. While I was in NIFT, I was continuously approached by photographers and designers and I won several pageants like Chennai Times Fresh Face and Cadbury Radio Mirchi Miss Fresher which lead to modelling. While I was on these shoots,seeing my fashion acumen,  some of the photographers asked me to style their shoots as well. That is how I started styling. As time progressed and my work got noticed, I kept getting more projects. By the time I finished college, I had already styled fashion calendars, runway shows, editorials and ad campaigns. 
Although my first full time job post college was for the role of a designer, I was heavily involved in styling the campaigns and lookbooks. I also kept getting offered styling jobs alongside. Eventually when I decided  to quit my full  time design role and start my own venture, I already had a vast body of work in styling.” Oyindrila got her first opportunity to style Bollywood actress, Mouni Roy came barely a couple of  months into going solo and that  put her on the map. But coming from a typical middle class Indian family with no connections in the fashion industry or Bollywood, Oyindrila’s journey in the fashion industry has been one full of challenges and lessons. The fashion industry is known to be cut throat, elitist and not very welcoming to outsiders. Oyindrila has carved a niche for herself in this highly competitive industry in the past decade and continues to thrive. “Grit, determination and persistence in the face of adversity”, says Oyindrila. She has an enviable client list ranging from Bollywood actors and actresses, international brands, TV shows and webseries,  and India’s top entrepreneurs and CEOs. 

The fashionista’s success comes from loving her craft and wanting to make an impact. “I love that I can transform not only their wardrobes and style but also their personality, confidence, and lives through my work. It is this ability to make this monumental impact in a person’s life that makes me love what I do.”

A  piece of advice that Oyindrila Ray Ghosh has for budding fashion stylists. “ Master the basics. Educate yourself on the basics of a garment- fabrics, trims, sewing, brands, designers etc. Also, gain as much experience as possible- work under a professional stylist to learn the ropes of the trade. It not only trains you, but also opens numerous doors. And most importantly, understand your client and their needs.”As much as Oyindrila Ray Ghosh is known for styling celebrities, she is also a fashion icon and trendsetter herself. Her edgy and bold style has a massive fan following on social media. “Fashion and style is a form of personal expression. My personal style is a reflection  of who I am “, says the celebrity stylist, model and fashion influencer. 
She shares some style secrets that everyone can follow to look stylish instantly. “Firstly, find your signature style, and own it. Your signature style gives someone a sneak peak into your personality. It’s about knowing who you are, what looks good on you and aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations. Second, no matter what your style, make sure your clothes fit well. The right undergarments to go with your outfit and a good tailor who can customise the fit of the garment to suit your body, can instantly elevate any look. And lastly, confidence is key.”