My Paintings focus on love and peace: Saiqa Rashid Prominent Painteri

My Paintings Focus on Love and Peace: Saiqa Rashid, Prominent painter

Saiqa Rashid is a human bestowed with multiple talents,  Assistant Engineer at Power Development Department (PDD) whose passion for art and calligraphy has blossomed into a remarkable journey of self-expression. She is well known artist from Kashmir known for her paintings of diverse nature and calligraphy art.
In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, She talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.
Tell us bit about your academic journey ?
Academic journey was excellent as I was bright student and parents were also always stressing to focus on education.  But due to pressure of studies,  I could not give art much time. After marriage when my kids grew, I started to find touch with my skills of art. My near and dear including parents and husband after seeing my paintings and calligraphy work encouraged me to be more serious about art.
What is the focus of your paintings ?
My paintings are sufism based. I also focus on calligraphy. I have started painting world famous mosques and I am focusing also on more global landscapes to broaden my area of work .
The message of Sufism is universal love ,do you reflect same through your paintings?
Definitely when you follow the Sufi ideology the universal harmonious concepts like love and kindness flow from you within as human.
How many exhibitions you have displayed your art ?
I have here in Kashmir displayed my art in about 4 exhibitions and also at international level exhibitions at Ajmer, Rajasthan and Mumbai, Maharashtra.  My calligraphy and paintings were highly appreciated by national and international viewers. I was told that my paintings have touch of middle eastern art.
Do you paint about women sufferings?
No I don’t put women sufferings in my art. I focus on love and peace through my Sufi art. But, yes I have started to paint on the sufferings of children due to global conflicts and war , how it harms and hurts their childhood.
How is family support to your life in creativity and art ?
My family support is great especially my husband. He recently accompanied me to exhibition in Mumbai. He gives me great support to carry my painting journey.
What is the scope of paintings and calligraphy for youngsters?
What i have found from my own experience is that you can showcase your art in many exhibitions, but as far as monetary aspect is considered it is very weak and won’t fetch you much as career.
What are your future goals?
My future goals are to shine through my paintings and calligraphy.  I want to be remembered as remarkable artist. I am always in learning process and there is no end to learning till death.
Do you find there is dearth of Art Gallaries in Kashmir?
There is not just dearth but also absence of mega art galleries in Kashmir.  This is causing much handicap to the artists as far as showcasing their art is considered.
Your message to youngsters?
My message to youngsters take paintings,  calligraphy or any other art form as hobby but also be serious about studies to make good career.