Moral Bankruptcy

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Moral values are the core component of a healthy society and more stronger the moral fabric the more vibrant is a society. Unfortunately with the turmoil stretching for over three decades now in Kashmir the morality has taken a hit.

Moral Bankruptcy, Moral Degradation have achieved peak as a result crime rate has gone up and the crimes previously unheard in the valley of Kashmir are taking place with regularity. All this has left the voices of sanity rattled .

In the recent times, Newborns  left over by parents is another gruesome  crime defining our moral decay as very recently a new born was left  to dogs in Lal Ded Hospital garbage dumping site.

In a heart-wrenching incident recently , a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag was dumped at a garbage site at Srinagar’s Lal Ded Hospital. This was the third baby abandoned in the recent times in the valley of Kashmir .

Drug menace has been growing at an alarming pace in the valley of Kashmir. Increasing drug addiction among youth, browsing the  cyber world for negative things is another height of immorality that Kashmir is moving towards. On the other hand , the instances of domestic violence against women have increased and sexual crimes against children are also on rise.


Sheikh Sameer, a research scholar said –“ Moral Bankruptcy can have disastrous consequences on a society. The moral decay of the Kashmiri society is evident. Heinous crimes taking place on regular basis and surfacing of rancorous scams and scandals has come to define what one call the speedy moral decay of the society. We cannot just talk conflict and conflict or politics and ignore the burning issues hampering our society. Moral decay on overall paradigms is a very serious issue and concern that should be fought before it destroys the entire fabric of our society.”

One thing linked with the moral bankruptcy is the intellectual bankruptcy of the Kashmir .  The growing pulse among many  a common Kashmiris is that our intellectuals write and ponder over burning  issues not out of genuine concern, but to remain in limelight and collect awards and in realistic terms do in reality  nothing to address the burning issues.


Commenting on serious issues in cozy chambers under all the facilities  has become a habit of our intellectuals and no ground work on same is compounding matters .

The need of the hour is to weed out the vices and take it priority number one as society to fix moral bankruptcy.