Kashmir :No more a Raeshvaer’

Kasmir: No more a Raeshvaer’
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Recently members of Shia-Sunni Coordination Committee (SSCC) held a crucial meeting to discuss the deliberate upon the rape of a three-year-old girl at north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on May 08 that has brought down the heads of every citizen in shame, made a collective appeal to the people of Kashmir to put an end to protests and give police a chance to probe the incident transparently so that guilty is given an exemplary punishment.

Kashmir has been on the edge since past few days as massive protests were witnessed from nook and corner of the Valley with students, traders, religious scholars, youth, women and others hitting streets in protest to demand exemplary punishment to the guilty of rape of three year old girl of Sumbal Bandipora with another rape allegation surfacing from Ganderbal district.

The heinous crimes are now happening regularly in the valley of Kashmir raising question marks over our overall moral health as society and indicating that we are no longer following the teachings preached to us by Sufis and Rishis who bestowed Kashmir greatness.
Mushtaq Ul Haq Sikandar, writer and activist stated :
The Kashmiri society is in doldrums, neither is it ready to accept modernity nor is it comfortable with traditional conventions. The rape culture that is gaining ground is a result of the fact that men are yet to accept the women as equal citizens. The women now are present in every field of life and most of them are economically independent. But men are yet to accept women in these roles. Add to it the toxic masculinity that Patriarchy creates and is reinforced by our traditional and media notions about women being meek, weak and docile. So women are supposed to endure the unwanted glances, uncomfortable touches and oglings. So once these are accepted as normal rapes are bound to happen. What are being reported is just tip of an ice berg. Our religious, family and educational institutions are ill equipped to provide any type of gender sensitivity learning to our young boys and girls.
The common voices also stand aghast over these growing horrible crimes.

Bashir Ahmad, commoner stated :
” The people in the Valley of Kashmir have forgotten over simple and pious past. We have lost touch with the moral path as we do not give importance to moral values now. The hunger for grabbing more and more, materialism is the basic reason behind our overall degradation. It is the need of the hour that before further clamity falls on us we repent and follow once again great Sufi teachings taught to us. Tragically by our deeds we make ourselves look no longer the land of great Sufis and Rishis. ”
The overall realities urge us to once again follow the Sufis and Rishis teachings in letter and spirit and get in touch with moral path to save Kashmir from further destruction.