Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

News Kashmir Exclusive


Recently in a landmark   verdict  Delhi Court acquitted  two Kashmiri youth Mohammad Rafiq Shah, Mohammad Hussain Fazili  of all charges against them viz-a-viz 2005 Delhi Bomb blast case.

This has raised a serious concern on overall justice system of the country with voices stating that  while  the verdict is on one hand victory of truth and justice but on the other hand has exposed the role of security agencies in fabricating false cases against Kashmiris and ruining their future. And also judiciary taking too long to pronounce judgment.

From Politicians, activists  to victims all are expressing their dismay over torture, imprisonment suffered by these youth of  Kashmir during so many years and also the trauma caused to their families.

News Kashmir spoke to all relevant voices in this regard

Victim Take

Mohammad Rafiq Shah

After spending  12 years in prison on charges of  blasts in Delhi in 2005 that killed 67 people just before Diwali, youth Mohammad Rafiq Shah of Srinagar was acquitted  by a court of all charges and News Kashmir caught up with Rafiq at his home Shuhhama in Srinagar.

Rafiq states –

“ I was in 2005 picked up from my home in Srinagar and framed in Delhi blasts the city which than I had hardly seen then . No doubt these 12 years I have gone through lot of trauma and I am feeling relaxed now. The toughness of life in prison is known to everyone .I told even the Judge when he pronounced the judgement that Justice has prevailed .My family, friends and teachers  stood behind me like anything. Still I used these 12 years in prison to get knowledge and learn. Perhaps for being Kashmiri Muslim I was punished and being active as a university student against every sort of injustice I guess didn’t go well with setup and I was wrongly framed .”

Rafiq Shah expresses gratitude towards her lawyer  Rebecca John for fulfilling her responsibilities efficiently in all these years.

Politician Take

Engineer Rashid, Awami Ittihaad Party President


Er Rashid said -“While court has acquitted Mohammad Rafiq Shah and Mohammad Rafiq Fazili but the million dollar question is still there that who will compensate 11 precious years of these innocents, which they were forced to spend in torture cells and various jails. We need not to forget that there are many more Kashmiris like these innocents languishing in torture cells and notorious jails for none of their faults. A youth Bashir Ahmad Baba, whose father is suffering from cancer is languished in Ahmadabad Jail for none of his fault.  Nobody can justify the trauma, pain, harassment and humiliation their families passed through all these years. While the third accused Tariq Dar has been convicted he has already spent more than the period he has been sentenced to jail. The judgement should act as an eye opener for those who have one point agenda to make life of Kashmiri youth miserable and like a hell and get benefits out of sufferings of people of Kashmir”.

Activist Take

Mir Imran, Human Rights Defender –

“The acquittal of three Kashmiri youth after spending 12 long years proves the allegations of being Kashmiri Muslim a venerable target for security agencies whenever something unpleasant happens as correct and also raises question mark on entire justice system as to why for no fault of their youth of Kashmir have to spend the prime of their lives in jails under harsh conditions. According to the law, if a person is in Jail for over Six months and the trial does not begin and if the Sentence is not more than three years, then bail should be given and in this case they spend 12 long years in prison and unfortunately all the three had been tortured by the prison staff in jail. Now we all know that these were false charges. It is the need of the hour that we educate and aware people of Kashmir of their rights especially at the police station level where a lot of exploitation is bound to happen”