India to be world leader in coming times: Bhupendra Kumar Modi

Bhupendra Kumar Modi (born 2 January 1949), known informally as Dr. M,is an world known personality, Indian-born Singaporean businessman, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist.He is the founder-chairman of Smart Group of companies, the founder of the Global Citizen Forum and the global chairman of the Foreign Investors India Forum. He is also the Honorary President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Recently during the 75th Independence Day celebration event held by his esteemed persona at New Delhi Bhupendra Kumar Modi dwelled on important aspects .

“India has population resource . We add three hundred children every minute and USA just 40. The population is now mostly digital and educated . These children in 2047 would be adult and make India a new India. We have highly productive population. India is not Binded by borders. Many countries have mini India’s. The political system needs to change as outside residing Indians need to have more tangible say in important affairs of India . Be it Doctors or CEOs or technology sector Indians are in lead role be it in USA or UK . We need to ensure that money from outside earned by Indians comes in a good portion to India. India and its civilization is not just within its borders throughout the world. Be it veda or Yoga or Gita they are highly respected in USA along with our family structure is highly appreciated there .Spiritual leaders, politicians, technocrats, businessman are highly respected in USA and world. At 100 years Indian civilization would shine over entire world and we would emerge as world Guru . Everyone needs to be part of this great journey,” Bhupendra Kumar Modi.