Growing Stress in Kashmir

save Owing to the volatile and violent situation in Kashmir over the past three months the masses in valley have been hit hard by the phenomenon of mental stress. The relatives of people injured, blinded and killed are the worst affected by this, followed by those who are incurring losses or joblessness due to the ongoing agitation. .Doctors say conflict in the region is the main cause for depression cases in Kashmir. Nearly half the population of adults is suffering from stress in Kashmir. A huge chunk of Kashmir population is suffering from depression, according to a recent survey.The survey, conducted by Medecins Sans Frontieres or MSF,


The study says that nearly 1.8 million adults equaling 45 per cent of adult population suffers from mental distress in Kashmir valley and a majority of people have experienced or witnessed conflict-related trauma. Nearly three decades long political conflict and deadly violence has made valley of Kashmir a hotbed of mental trauma.

We need to ensure proper treatment and aid to patients so that they fight this mental tension and distress. As a matter of fact, The World Health Organization defines psychological first aid as “humane, supportive and practical assistance to fellow human beings suffering serious crisis events.” It is recognizing people in distress, listening to whatever they have to say, and linking them to the services and support they need immediately, whether food, shelter, communication with loved ones or something else. It’s a response that was developed in contrast to “psychological de-briefing” – making a victim recount the details of their experiences – which Doctor Roudaut says has been linked to the later development of PTSD.

Ending conflict and proper treatment can only save Kashmir from Mental Distress.