“Is Growing Level of Competition Good For Youth “

“Is Growing Level of competition Good For Youth”
Showkat Ahmad Dar and Engineer Firdous Nazir

competition is a situation on which people or organisations
compete with each other for something that not everyone can
have. What this implies is that competition is a by product of
So, When resources are scare then people compete among
themselves to have access for those resources and thus the
spirit of competition is born. competition is the opposite of
cooperation. It arises whenever at least two parties strive for a
goal which cannot be shared or which is desired individually,
hence cant be achieved collectively.
Humans by their nature are competitive as they constantly
face lack of resources, as compared to their unlimited wants.
Darwins theory of survival of the fittest also implied that only
those species would survive and grow which have the ability
to compete and emerge as winners as against other weaker
species who lost in the game of of life. This proves beyond
doubt that humans are competitive and the competition is
the fundamental pillar of human evolution.
Its to be believed that Youth are more competitive than middle
aged popullation.So it leads us to the conclusion that
competition among youth is a global phenomenon, india being
no exception. In india computation begins when a 15 years old
appears in board exams, it intensifies when he seeks an
admission for a degree and is at its peak when he tries to find
an occupation for himself.
As per statistics nearly four lakh secondary school pass outs
apply for a few thousands seats in engineering, medicine and
other professional courses in a handful of premier institutions
across the country and this leads to cut throat competition
among them.
The reservation quota in india adds fuel to an already burning
fire.This reduces the opportunties for the non reserved or
general category of people and enhances the level of
competition among them.
So, competition is inevitable As michel jordon has rightly
said”you have competition everyday because you set such
high standards for yourself that you have to go out everyday
and live up to that”.
competition encourages youth to work hard. They understand
that success does not comes easily in the environment of
competition. competition helps youth to enhance their skills
as they are very well aware of the fact that one who work
efficiently and effectively can achieve success easily.
competition also encourages youth to be adept
multitasking,as this increases their chance of success. It also
enhances their creativity and helps them to plan for long term
and short term goals.
But not all the people are able to face competition in a
positive way. Its negative results also manifest in youths who
are not able to survive in a competitive environment. Youths
who cant manage to compete with other youths became often
vulnerable to crime and drugs.
They get trapped in social anti social such as robbery, fraud
etc to earn money. Youths who are not able to compete and
adjust themselves often choose to end their life. Reports
witnessed that youngsters who unable to bear shame or the
fear of failing to get into educational institutions of their
choice. competition can thus said to be ethically neutral. The
individuals perception of it makes it good or bad. So,
competition should be encouraged but the youth should have
access to counsellors so that they are able to face it in a
positive way.
Also SWOT ANALYSIS (Strength, opportunity, weakness and
threat) analysis should be conducted in schools and colleges
which will help him to identify his strength and weakness and
choose a career accordingly.
Also, the youth should remember that they could compete
with others or with themselves. competing with others
would make them aware of their faults and competing with
themselves would make improve on their strengths.So,if
continuously compete with others,you became bitter,but if you
Continuously compete with yourself, you became better. so,
compete with yourself and the world will be your forte.
Writer :
Dar showkat and Er Firdous Nazir