Ghulam Hussain – Brain Behind Unique Brick Lifting Machine 

Ghulam Hussain – Brain Behind Unique Brick Lifting Machine 

Mir Sabeen Gulrez 

It’s not that we use Technology, we live technology. 

Quote by Godfrey Reggio. 

We are living in 21st Century and technology has overcome us with its new advancements. This has proven right by Ghulam Hussain 40, a carpenter by profession  who has done miracle by unique development of a machine which can lift bricks to the second floor of any structure- whether it’s house or shop or anything. Within a limited time period of just fourty five (45) days he developed this unique concept. 

The concept of this machine was in his mind from the day when he thought of the construction of second story of his house. It took him three to four months as the costly expenses of labour was taking his breath away. 

Each day he used to think for this machine and  how to develop this unique idea and surprise the valley by his innovation. 

On one day he took this initiative and developed this unique machine. While charging minimal wages for uplifting of 24,000 bricks in a day. Hussain charges just Rs 240/- per hour. Which is very cheap and affordable by all. 

He developed this unique concept which is working on electricity ,not only electricity option there is another option that we can use generator also as he also has considered those areas which are  affected by electricity. 

While talking to News Kashmir Magazine, Hussain told us that, ” Manual work of labourers where they carry bricks on their shoulders always pained  me while I was a carpenter and usually saw this scenario on daily basis”, 

This idea working on brick lifting  came to  my mind and  I started working on it. It nearly took me three to four months to develop this unique concept. This was a sigh of relief for labourers as well as for the person who has to invest his earning, he added. 

“In a short span of just 45days and with an investment of fifty thousand I was able to develop this unique concept”, Hussain said. 

Hussain said, the machine he developed is just 23 feet which can lift the bricks to the second floor of the house, but side by side he is  going to add it more by 30 feets, so that machine can lift the bricks to the third floor.

Further talking to News Kashmir Magazine Hussain said that, 

Not only I developed this unique concept I also got famous as the people can’t afford the labour cost and come to me from different districts like Srinagar, Budgam amd Pulwama. People used to approach me for this machine and also workflow of this machine has been increased in the markets. 

While suggesting youth he further added that, This machine will help youth  to earn a good source of income on daily basis.Many unemployed youths wanted to earn a good source of income they can come to me as it’s not possible for me to work in every district.

” I am not only earning a good source of income through this machine, but also I am getting a good response from the people after seeing this technology has been introduced in the Kashmir valley. With the advancement of this unique concept  people are also offering the work to me,” Hussain said.