Ensuring the accountability of Government Employees in Jammu and Kashmir

Ensuring the accountability of Government  Employees  in Jammu and Kashmir 

The lack of efficiency  among the Government employees  in Jammu and Kashmir  has been a big cause of concern for many decades. But with new setup coming into Existence  since few years the things related to making the Government  employees  accountable  in our part of the world are moving in right direction. In a latest bright development  With reference  to it , The government of Jammu and Kashmir  few days back ordered its employees to upload their monthly achievements or performance on the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal (EPMP) by or before 7th of every month from March.In this regard, All Employees Working in various Government shall upload their monthly achievements/performance on J&K Employees Performance Monitoring Portal on https://epm.jk.gov.in by or before 7 of every month w.e.f. March 2022,” reads a government order.
“All the reviewing/ Controlling Officers shall review the self assessment of their immediate subordinates by 15th of every month .The expert pulse is that this step would go a long way in making the Government  employees  in our part of the world more hardworking and working towards greater good of masses . The biggest  issue concerning the masses in our part of the world has been rampant corruption in the Government  Department  and it taking ages to see their work getting completed.  Now , in a series of good steps the Jammu and Kashmir  Government is trying not just to weed out the menace of corruption from the Government  departments  but making the Government employees  more accountable towards doing genuine works of common people on fast track basis.