Corporal Punishment Blanket Ban, Cover story 31 July 2023.

Corporal Punishment Blanket  Ban 

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Corporal punishment has been menace adversely affecting our children especially in schools and homes. 

Corporal punishment of people is by hitting them, especially the punishment of children by parents or teachers.

In Indian context,  Corporal punishment means any punishment in which a certain amount of physical force is used with the intention of causing some degree of pain or discomfort, however light but sometimes brutal too. This punishment is mostly given by using hands (spanking, slapping, punching, etc.) and/or by hitting (using a stick, belt, shoes, etc.).

Corporal punishment especially of children has been a problem in Jammu and Kashmir too.

In a historic decision aimed at safeguarding the well being and mental health of students, the Department of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) few days issued a circular imposing a ‘blanket ban on corporal punishment and other forms of child abuse’ in all educational institutions within its jurisdiction.

On the otherhand,

The circular cites a report from the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences-Kashmir (IMHANS-K), which raised serious concerns about the adverse effects of corporal punishment on the mental health of school-going children.

Such punitive measures not only hinder the learning process but also create an atmosphere of fear and hostility within the educational institutions, the circular reads.

The DSEK has impressed upon school heads, teaching officials, and educational authorities, both from government and private institutions, to strictly adhere to the ban on corporal punishment and other forms of child abuse.

Manzoor Sultan , an eminent academic expert observed that ” Corporal punishment inflicts long-term harm both physically and mentally on children. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir decision  to announce blanket ban on corporal punishment  is a welcome decision. The children should never be given corporal punishment.  We need to understand that corporal punishment is sometimes viewed on just few paradigms but it also includes verbal abuse of children or demotivating them and causing harm to their creative think. The need of the hour is to ensure also effective monitoring of education system so that children don’t face any problem. It has been seen that Corporal punishment strikes severe fear in the hearts and minds of students and can easily make them to drop out of school. The stakeholders including students , teachers and policy makers along with administrators should use quality interactions to make our education system friendly and creative for all. Back to village has been highly successful , likewise back to School programe should be started  to ensure effective  interactive sessions  with  IAS /IPS toppers and scientists,  entrepreneurs and role models would make our students career conscious.”

Throughout the world the need of developing quality education system is dependent on creating an atmosphere of love for students. 

The pulse of Jammu and Kashmir society is welcoming blanket ban on corporal punishment.