Cold Season can rapidly spread Coronavirus : DR.Shikha Panwar

Cold Season can rapidly spread Coronavirus : DR.Shikha Panwar 
DR. SHIKHA PANWAR,M.B.B.S, M.D. (Anesthesiology), IDCCM (Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine), Associate Director & HOD Sarvodaya Hospital  is leading Intensivist of India with over 15 years of experience .
In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir , she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.
Why has Delhi Covid Picture gone worse suddenly?
Delhi picture has got worse sudden as people were not following Social Distance norms .Many people three Diwali Party without following any Standard Operating Procedures SOPs ,and this callous attitude gave rise to number of Coronavirus cases. The Increase in Pollution level, decrease in temperature , Increase in activity of people and above all people not masking properly has lead to increase in cases in Delhi .
What Precautions should people take in winters ?The people due to winters need to take extra precautions and this virus survives in lower temperature .Once the virus survives in lower temperature it can remain on surfaces for longer time .This is airborne opportunistic infection also so if it is a crowded place any one being Covid positive outhere can transmit it through coughing and virus will remain suspended for sometime . In hot and dry temperature virus gets killed soon ,but in cold virus does not loose moisture so virus spreads soon.So due to these realities cold season can result in more cases.  The people need to clean and sterilise high touch surfaces often and wear clean ,sterlized mask daily . If it is a cotton mask you should not use it beyond ten to fifteen uses .What is proper way of wearing masks ?Proper way of wearing masks is that most of people know how to wear it properly .It should be a three layer cotton mask ,front and back should be cotton and Central of mask should be silk layer .It should be adequately covering your nose and below your chin .The sterilisation of mask is must especially if it is cotton mask  .High risk patients especially those who are old and have Comorbidity should wear surgical masks . One surgical mask can be used only for eight hours and so change it daily ,but it should be thrown in proper sterilisation  method .Air drying masks for 62 hours especially N95 can help you to reuse them .N95 Masks should be mostly used by those who are in close contact with Covid patients .Latest research shows Mouthwash can be effective in fighting Coronavirus,your take on it ?We have some research that shows Mouthwash can be effective in fighting Coronavirus ,but once the virus enters the cells it multiplies and it takes over the machinery of the body and at that time mouthwash won’t help . Mouthwashing can be effective only in intial stages when Coronavirus is lodged in throat and later on it can’t help. We must do mouthwash but relying only on Mouthwash can’t help us in fighting Coronavirus Kashmir is known for harsh  cold winters ,what extra precautions should people take ?Kashmir is a place known for very cold temperatures in winters . You have to avoid cold temperatures and avoid congestion and heavy population of people. Kashmir has one advantage it has less population and physical distance maintaing is easy. People in indoor places should try not to flood their places with people . Please open often a door and ensure room ventilation.Role of antibody testing in fighting Coronavirus Pandemic ?The role of antibody testing in fighting Coronavirus Pandemic can be understood by the fact that Coronavirus Pandemic is a huge challenge for us and antibody testing has got a limited role in this fight . The strain of Coronavirus is changing that makes immunity unsure facet .Some research shows antibody lasts for six to 12 months but based on that immunity passport can’t be given . Although reinfection cases won’t be much but some people will get reinfected as their bodies won’t handle the change in strain. Even if you have developed antibody still maintain social distance and good hand hygiene. What is your message ?My message is simple and clear .I don’t want people to get infected and I want people to be sensitive to others and not to spread the infection to others. If we take responsibility of own we won’t spread it to society.As soon people get Covid symptoms they should start isolating and shun isolation only after going Covid negative. Young people can be asymptomatic but carry it to home to Elders and harm them .People should be conscious of their own actions .When do you see effective vaccine coming in India ?I don’t see India getting Covid vaccine in 2021 .Only if WHO intervenes health care professional might get it in mid 2021 . India’s covaxin is still in third stage trails and even with 70 percent efficacy it won’t be better bet .We need something like  Pfizer which has 90 percent efficacy but they  will give it first to rich nations .