Beef ban is a part of larger conspiracy: Bilal Sidiqi

Bilal Sidiqi is  founder member of the JKLF, Kashmir armed struggle and head Tehreek-e-Mazahmat (resistance movement) , also Senior Pro-freedom and Hurriyat G Leader. In an exclusive interview with  News  Kashmir Magazine Bilal Sidiqi talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

Marathon was converted into Molestation festival by Separatists .Your take on these grave allegations by certain sections of media and polity ?

Firstly, we were not organizing the Marathon. The marathon was organized by pro India organizations and Parties .Pro freedom masses disturbed the marathon out of their own and it is the frustration of state apparatus that they gave genuine anger and sentiments name of molestation.

If state shows concrete evidence of pro freedom protesters indulging in molestation. How will pro freedom camp react ?

Pro – freedom thought has nothing to do with state. It is not like you label any youth alleged of uncivilized act as profreedom youth until and unless he or she is not an activist or a profreedom figure . Any youth can be planted by Indian agencies to resort to shameful acts in any programme and they will try to defame the resistance movement via it.

Your take on beef ban?

Beef ban is a part of larger conspiracy .Separate Colonies for ex military officials and exclusive enclaves for Pandits are all part of this conspiracy so as to choke the majority sentiments of Kashmir. India at one time used to lecture tolerance to Kashmiris and world ,now interestingly it is itself on path of radical Hindutva path .

What is your take on those youth joining the mainstream politics?

Each and every youth of kashmir should develop a strong conscience and remember one thing that democracy is fake in Kashmir and elections are a state managed affairs. Our fate is yet undecided as it is political dispute .

Do you believe sectarian wars of Middle East will have any impact on Kashmir?

We are enough mature to not let the Middle East grim situation impact us in any manner.

What is your message to Government of India?

I would like to just remind Government of India the lines of Sardar Qayoom in which he had termed that everyone lives but living with peace is altogether different thing. India should leave rigidity and Solve Kashmir dispute according to wishes and aspirations of masses.

Indian government is saying Separatists are acting as roadblock in talks by insisting their meetings with visiting Pakistani Delegates?

India cannot choke logic to portray a picture of fake peace. Kashmiris are an active party to Kashmir dispute. Asking for childish things and shying away from talks by raising illogical questions will lead us nowhere.

Pro-freedom  parties are alleged of remembering their boycott slogan few months before election. Your take on this?

Yes pro freedom parties have to improve upon their boycott strategies and make people aware continuously that participation in elections is used by India against our resistance movement. We also cannot forget the fact that those who initiate boycott earlier are scuttled by government agencies. Even Sheikh Abdullah when he used to be pro–freedom used election boycott as a tool. We definitely need to improve upon over implementation part of election boycott.