Bashir Ahmad Nadwi , Athrout Chairman interview , 10 May ,2021 Issue

Bashir Ahmad Nadwi, Athrout Chairman in an exclusive interview with News Kashmir 
When it comes to helping people of Kashmir in trying circumstances of current pandemic Coronavirus to other Disasters Athrout as an NGO and organisation is a name worth praise  .Bashir Ahmad Nadwi is chairman of Athrout, a prominent philanthropic organization and charitable trust of Kashmir. In an exclusive interview with The News Kashmir, he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz.How would you describe the last year as compared to current one in terms of Coronavirus situation in Kashmir ?Last year when the first case was reported from Khanyar area of Srinagar people shut their doors and were confined . There was lot of fear that time , but this year we saw Gardens were opened and people thronged these spots without following preacuations. Today the result is with us the cases of Coronavirus are rising in the Kashmir valley and the transmission is deep in community . We need to reinstall the fear so that the chain can be broken as soon as possible. Athrout has collaborated with the Srinagar administration, and converted the Haj house building into a spacious 100- bed plus  Covid Centre . A bit on that ?We have seen in places like Delhi , Mumbai , Gujrat , Bengaluru etc people dying for the want of oxygen. Even those who get oxygen due to overcrowded hospitals have to take it on streets and on roadsides as visible from heart rending images and videos . We don’t want such situation for our dear people in Kashmir and to face the emergency arising out of Coronavirus we have set up the Haj House 100 bed Covid wellness center so that people get oxygen and other treatment in an quality manner . This is to meet the overcrowded nature of hospitals.Is there a shortage of volunteers faced by your organisation due to ravaging pandemic Coronavirus ?See, this is not flood or earthquake like situation. The situation this time is much worse as it looks enemy in form of Coronavirus is everywhere . We can’t force anyone in this situation to be volunteer. No doubt we are facing dearth of volunteers but still we are coping with the situation ably .Has the NGO coordination improved ?The coordination between NGOs has improved . But on oxygen front we all NGOs are overstretched and are not able to meet the demand . As far as food kits or medicine is concerned coordination is there . It is painful that we are not able to get desired oxygen concentrators due to shortfall in supply currently .Can our hospitals tackle this emergency like situation arising out of rising pandemic Coronavirus?I forsee that considering the huge increase in Coronavirus cases it would be difficult to meet the needs of patients . The need of the hour is that the NGOs and social organizations convert marriage halls and community centers into Covid wellness centers wherein patients can be provided oxygen supply .Athrout had many welfare oriented programmes , has Coronavirus pandemic impacted them in any way ?We are catering to monthly medicine , monthly cash , monthly household ,monthly education under these four categories we are helping 750 families . We are also running subsidised pharmacy and also ambulance service.Do you feel any crunch of donations due to economic crunch in the society ?The dearth of donation is there .From last two to three years the situation is real bad  economy vise and we are not getting desired level of donations  but still we are getting donations that makes us fulfil the basic needs of the needy .What is your appeal to people of Kashmir?The need of the hour is people follow the religious teaching and don’t leave their home unless it is real emergency . By roaming out without purpose you are putting entire family into risk.It is prophetic ruling to stay at homes during pandemic. What role do you see of Masjid Committees ?The primary concern is this time oxygen and even the organised NGOs are not able to get these oxygen concentrators despite trying from even the countries like China and USA. The Masjid Committees have no role in this, yes providing food kits and economic help to needy they surely can play an important role.Your appeal to people on vaccination especially those who are hesitant?Even for undergoing Haj pilgrimage which is basic pillar of Islam one has to go for Covid vaccination now. Today world is era of science and knowledge is of paramount importance in Islam so we have to go for vaccination. The only magic drug against Coronavirus is vaccination and people may get positive but once we are completely vaccination most likely we won’t need a ventilator or oxygen concentrator.We have very few organisation like Athrout in Kashmir , isn’t it a hurdle for us ?Yes we need many organisations that render services to humanity in Kashmir. The point is all organisation according to their stature and resources should use their potential to fullest and help those in need .Aren’t some people taking undue advantage of pandemic Coronavirus ?It goes against teachings of faith and religion what some of selfish ,callous hearted humans are doing in our society despite ravaging pandemic Coronavirus. There is lot of black marketing going on , Some had sold fire extinguishers as oxygen cylinders some are selling ordinary not so purified oxygen cylinders at abnormal prices .The need is to discard such inhuman elements.You watch situation on every second bases ,what is your take on coming days scenario for Kashmir in terms of pandemic Coronavirus?Even the worst ravaged places in India are yet not seeing peak of the Coronavirus and we are I guess still away from peak of pandemic. We should pray to Almighty Allah to safeguard us as he is our lone hope in this situation of dire straits.