Barkha’s Unquiet Land Generates Interest in Kashmir

Rameez Makhdoomi
Barkha Dutt debut Book The Unquiet Land has generated lot of interest among the readers of Kashmir on account of Barkha being throughout her prolific career as a Journalist closely associated with Kashmir via her ground reports on diverse realms of conflict ridden Kashmir.
Pertinently, the book Unquiet Land tells the truth about the India’s secrets and lies, its torments and triumphs, and its heroes and villains. This is the first book by Barkha Dutt, India’s best known journalist. In this book, Barkha Dutt recounts the stories that have left an indelible mark on her. Taken together, they provide a vivid, devastating and unforgettable portrait of the unquiet land .
Some of these stories go back centuries, others are of comparatively recent origin.

While talking to News Kashmir, Sheikh Sameer, a vivid reader Stated – ” The book penned down by Barkha Dutt is awesome and offers lot of interesting stories and is worth a great read. I made it sure to buy the book as soon as it was available here in Srinagar. Barkha Dutt has done Wonderful job by writing a really inspiring book especially bringing to light the stories that deserve attention.”
From the ground feedback, the youngsters are taking much interest in knowing what has been written in her first book by renowned journalist Barkha Dutt and reviews from Kashmir on this book will soon be penned down.