Year 2021 High Hopes

Year 2021 High HopesĀ 

The year 2020 was a horrible year for whole world on account of ragging pandemic Coronavirus . Throughout globe millions died and crores got infected due to Coronavirus . In Kashmir too hundreds died due to pandemic and thousands got infected . Besides inflicting huge emotional wounds the pandemic Coronavirus destroyed almost all economies .In Kashmir too many jobs and ventures were lost to pandemic . Tourism industry has been worst hit .
The conflict bloodshed also marred Kashmir in 2020 with hundreds of Humanbeings across political divide getting killed . The farmers agitation in the country against newly passed farm bills aimed by Government to reform agriculture sector but it didn’t go well with many sections of farmers especially in Punjab and Haryana thus farmers agitation in different parts of country .
One hopes the new year 2021 will offer new lease of hope – first and foremost people allover the world are hoping that Coronavirus would come to end . There are high hopes on many vaccines being successful in fight against the pandemic Coronavirus throughout the world .
Kashmir valley people too hope that year 2021 would end the dark night of uncertainty and killings and peace and prosperity would be ushered in the pain hit valley .People of Kashmir are also hoping that they will get better facilities in form of Electricity and water in the year 2021.All the voices of sanity are praying for peaceful and prosperous 2021 for whole humanity.