Women playing great role in corporates, Editorial 19 February, 2023

Women playing great role in  Corporates

Women are laying a importamt role in the present world economy. Hire or promote a woman to join your board of directors now to reap better results. According to a research, even one woman on the board of directors in a firm can lead to stronger corporate governance practices than those with no women. Moreover, companies with at least three women in board of directors rank even higher, depending on specific industry sectors, the study said. The findings are an eye opener over the burning facts that women are equal partners in economical boom of any society or country.


“The findings suggest the presence of women on a board encourages a greater focus on board practices and behaviours related to good governance, even when they are a lone voice,”said business professor Judith Zaichkowsky from Simon Fraser University in Canada. The study found significant improvement in scores with one women, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries such as energy and mining. All this proves that women presence in corporate is slated to increase.




“To call for quotas of three or more women to be on board of directors of these industries, for which the total number of board seats averages about nine, is perhaps asking too much,” Zaichkowsky was quoted as saying in a Globe and Mail report. At this point in time, one woman on these boards may be all it takes to provide a better governed and maybe an even more stable company, she added. This study is undoubtedly a heartening development.

One hopes in the coming times women would continue to prosper and lead world to era of progress.