Weak IT Sector Hurting Kashmir News Kashmir Technology Bureau

Cover story 7 December,2020

Weak IT Sector Hurting Kashmir News Kashmir Technology Bureau 

Information Technology is considered among the major sectors  of world  today generating a sizeable revenues  and considerable  proportions of employment throughout the world  .
Over the past few decades the  IT Sector has taken center-stage in the progress of global economies and played a very important  role in the  development of Indian economy too. 
Pertinently, India, one of the most technologically forward moving countries in the globe; the IT sector plays a major  role in economy and as a matter of fact sometime back it employed more than 3  million people and accounts for over five percent of the country’s gross domestic product and export earnings. 
 It was stated that India’s outsourcing industry is expected to hit 225 billion dollars by in 2020.
 But unfortunate part is that in Kashmir not much attention has been paid to the development of Information Technology sector and despite producing huge number of IT professionals we do not have  job opportunities for them. 

Most importantly despite being announced several years back the dream of having Mega IT Park in Kashmir has remained an elusive dream. Now with Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir coming into being many voices are hopeful that IT sector of Kashmir gets due attention. 

 Experts from time to time have made it clear that there are a wide variety of career opportunities available for capable and experienced IT professionals. 
Experts are urging upon the government to take all the necessary steps for the promotion of IT Sector in the valley of Kashmir.
 Dvelopment of IT sector in Kashmir holds the key towards the path of peace and progress . The Information Technology sector outhere lacks quality IT Parks and a large number of IT Professionals are thus jobless in the valley of Kashmir.We have been witness to the negative fact that  IT Parks have been promised but no pragmatic effort made to build the same.
Javaid Ahmad  ,an Information Technology  professional said, “ Information Technology is big  sectors of today’s world and no country or place can progress swiftly  without it.We in Kashmir as a  matter of worrisome facets  lack quality IT Parks in Kashmir .The majority of IT Professionals in the valley of Kashmir are facing a host of issues and problems on account of lack of job avenues in this all important sector in the entire state especially  kashmir valley. We are hopeful that major steps would be taken to promote IT Sector of Kashmir.’
One hopes IT Sector of Kashmir sees brighter tomorrow soon.