Dark Ages

Farzana Mumtaz

The prolonged spells of loadshedding is making life difficult for masses in  Kashmir Valley. With the result, life in kashmir has been made miserable and hard to core. The year 2016 onset of winter has so far witnessed long hours of laodshedding as compared to previous ones. From the Uptown, Downtown Srinagar to Hundreds of villages reels under darkness in North, Central and South Kashmir.

Pertinently, the J&K State has the potential to generate around 20,000 MWs. of hydroelectric power, but it has largely remain untapped  and whatever remains it has  not been given due share in the various hydro-electric projects as  NHPC continues to mistreat the state, and electricity seems by and large a Delhi-controlled affair.


Resultantly, inspite of all these facts the   power situation worsens as winter sets in and most of the areas of Kashmir are thrown into darkness with never ending load shedding.



Another grey area which the power sector faces in the state is the transmission and distribution losses which are more than 63 per cent of the total electricity generation of the state. According to a  report issued few years back , the transmission and distribution losses are about 50 per cent, while the rest 13 per cent are collection losses, making it an aggregate of 63 per cent.



Sources have stated  the Power Development Department is presently buying 500 MW power from the neighboring states to tide over the deficit.

Nazir Ahmad, a commoner states- “The issue of power crisis had not been addressed by any of the successive governments, resulting in  several hardships to the people and causing an economic inertia in the state.  Everybody is aware of the fact  that as a source of energy electricity is a basic need for sustaining human life. We cannot even imagine how our lives would have been if electricity was not discovered.  Here in Kashmir this time around with the onset of winter the power scenario is presenting an abysmal outlook as long hours of power cut have made life hell for we the commoners .”

While on the otherhand, as per communiqué received from Chief Engineer, Electric, Maintenance & RE Wing, Jammu, the metered feeders of Jammu city and Udhampur town will not face any curtailment during the ongoing winter season 2016-17. Whileas in Kashmir the metered areas continue to face electricity cuts for long hours.


Painfully enough, from all the reports and facts emanating from ground zero we are this winter season witnessing more dreadful situation as this winter season we have seen unprecedented load shedding which has reached alarming proportions.