Waiting for Ms. Mufti

News Kashmir Exclusive
People in the pain and conflict hit state of Jammu and Kashmir are waiting desperately for elected government to takeover so as to end the governor rule in the state. Overwhelming majority of masses believe that their problems could receive a due attention only when there is elected setup in place.
Worryingly enough, the already politically sensitive and countless problem hit state of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed many long sells of governor rule which has weakened the democratic paradigm and dashed hopes . Masses have felt the hard brunt of these long spells of governor rule as developmental picture has been hurt.
Gulzar Ahmad,a commoner states -“We have been waiting for the government now since many weeks. These often long spells of Governor rule does not augur good for us as we want solution of our grave problems and only elected government has an effective answer to our grievances.
A mechanism should be decided so that we do not have to wait for long intervals of time for the elected setup. We already know that we are far behind in the developmental spectrum and often spells of Governor rule have not proved much effective .We are hopeful that soon the government would be formed in our state and our miseries and sufferings would be thus receive heed.”
Experts have clearly pointed that often governor rule weakens democratic setup and already fragile mainstream of state. The recent moves by Pakistan to make Gilgit Baltistan (part of erstwhile J&K) it’s 5th state is an eye opener in this regard. While Kashmiri pro freedom groups openly challenged it and wrote rebellious letters to Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharief, no mainstream party could speak about it because it is believed that they have lost that moral high ground to speak for the undivided state of Jammu and Kashmir that existed before the tribal invasion of October 1947 and the subsequent landing of the Indian Army in Kashmir.
Faizan Bhat, Eminent columnist states – “It is an open secret that Kashmir is facing worst problems on every front since decades. The issue of poor governance has been one major issue. Whenever the Governor rule is imposed the crisis related to governance further sinks. People depend upon elected representative for their genuine problems. We have seen lot of mess being created on account of long spells of Governor Rule. The concerned parties should brainstorm and form an effective government that focuses on governance and does not harp on raising communal temperatures. Masses on ground are facing thousand problems for which an effective government should soon come into action.”
The J&K has remained to be ruled like this Governor rule from March 1977, 1986, 1990, 2002, 2008, and for 51 days in the present coalition from 9 January 2015 and again this time.

Be it from the perspective of providing effective governance to masses so as to solve their burning issues or to strengthening the democratic fabric the people are eagerly awaiting for Mehbooba Mufti to make a move and form a strong government that can lead the state to some sought of hope. With even the flood hit masses yet to be rehabilitated the wait is ever so desperate .