Escalating Violence

News Kashmir Exclusive

The strife-torn region of Kashmir had witnessed a period of relative calm for few years, but a recent spate of increased violence  since 2016 post killing of militant commander Burhan Wani which have resulted in number of civilian, police, army, militant fatalities is a grim reminder of the ever escalating tensions in Kashmir, which has been at the heart of enmity between nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan since 1947 .

From every analytical paradigm of ground situation the things looks to be heading from bad to worse. Be it recent killings of policeman, Bank Guards at Kulgam or bloodbath at Meer Bazar, killing of kashmiri Army officer in India army after abduction like events have gloomed environ.

At this juncture of time, in the Valley of Kashmir, the urge for achieving honorable peace is even greater than it was ever before. The sane voices and commoners aptly suggest that peace is important because we need a better world for our next generations. Every wise voice suggests that peace is important for our survival and growth and because we can enjoy the benefits of the latest technological and scientific advancements only in times of peace.

Mushtaq ul Haq Sikander, eminent writer and analyst states – “ At present the situation seems to be heading to very pessimistic outlook with growing violence and upheavals. Since the birth of contemporary Kashmir conflict in 1947 the human tragedy has been exceptionally huge, be it in form of refugees, migrants, political dissidents or prisoners. The human tragedy has multiplied and reached to demonic proportions since the initiation of mass armed struggle in early 1990s. The violence of both sides has consumed thousands, destroyed property worth billions, maimed hundreds, orphaned and widowed thousands. The disappeared, incarcerated, half widows have added to the already escalating miseries.


The tragedy of armed forces and police goes unnoticed. They too get consumed without gaining any empathy or sympathy from the masses as they are being witnessed as collaborators, occupation forces and perpetrators of atrocities. None mourns about their loss as human tragedy. The distinction between Who is right and who is wrong gets blurred in the conflict, and the vicious cycle of violence continues in which innocent humans and State’s forces get consumed as cannon fodder, while the politicians, capitalists and elites with vested interests achieve their nefarious designs by keeping the pot of the conflict boiling. It is high time Kashmir issue is settled in democratic manner.”

Even commoners are worried about the worsening situation in Kashmir.


Gulzar Ahmad, a commoner said,” The present situation in Kashmir is terribly bad with every passing day fear and violence are growing. On larger level too, Peaceful relations among peoples and nations are threatened in the contemporary world by alienation, misconceptions, and above all by unsolved burning conflicts like Kashmir and Palestine. The only way out to root out extremist phenomenon’s and to ensure a peaceful world is to solve these burning conflicts through the medium of dialogue. “

But, ground pulse is that  all the stake holders have to take into account the aspirations of masses in to consideration while addressing the current grim situation of Kashmir .

The need of time being stressed out is that institution of dialogue needs to be revived.