Unemployed Youth : Future Tense?

Unemployed Youth: Future Tense?

Rameez Makhdoomi

Unemployment is among one of the serious problems faced by the youth of Jammu and Kashmir State.
As a matter of fact,the unemployment in Kashmir is characterized by lack of opportunities , chronic underemployment or disguised unemployment.

The unemployment issues among youth of the state especially among educated youth is lingering catastrophe for the healthy growth of society and overall life of youth . Lack of quality private sector and less industrial growth is further complicating the picture Unemployment in Kashmir .

Statistics and surveys related to the problem of unemployment in the valley of Kashmir clearly point out the negative impacts on the life of Kashmiri youth . As per the last Economic Survey, when it comes to overall unemployment, Punjab (4.5 per cent), Himachal Pradesh (2.8 per cent), Delhi (2.7 per cent) and Haryana (2.6 per cent) are much better placed than Jammu and Kashmir.

Official figures have further revealed that unemployment rate for males in J&K was 3.6 per cent whereas that of females was 17.1 per cent which is far too high when compared to the neighboring states Punjab 11.7 per cent, Haryana 2.8 per cent, Delhi 2.8 per cent and Himachal Pradesh 2.5 per cent.

Ground realities suggest that the problem of unemployment is forcing talented youth to leave Kashmir for other places resulting in brain drain.

Jaffar Allie, Head Career Park and educationist while talking to the News Kashmir on the problem of Unemployment stated : ” Unemployment is growing at a rampant pace in the State of Jammu and Kashmir especially in the valley of Kashmir as virtual stagnant industrial growth and absence of vibrant private sector has meant very few employment avenues . This has also lead to the heavy dependence on the Government jobs. Unemployment rising among highly qualified youth is a big issue. We need to concentrate our efforts on promoting skill based education in basic courses concerning daily life as this will lessen the unemployment. Agriculture and horticulture too should be revived in order to fight the menace of unemployment. Rising drug addiction and depression among youth, suicidal tendencies are very closely linked with the problem of unemployment. We are hopeful that a concrete policy and programme would be formulated to tackle the problem of unemployment hitting very hard the youth of our state. ”
The youth also state that the problem of unemployment has in an all-round manner adversely impacted their lifestyle.

Mir Mujeeb, an unemployed youth while talking to The News Kashmir state – “ The problems and issues arising out for youth of Kashmir due to prevalence of serious unemployment are multidimensional. The overall consequences on the life of Kashmiri youth due to unemployment are very adverse. The social fabric stands rattled as the problem of unemployment has lead to surge in late marriages in the past few decades. Jobless youth are finding it difficult to shape up a rewarding lifestyle especially in this era of high inflation. We are hopeful that Government would take corrective measures to address growing menace of unemployment which is proving harmful for Kashmiri youth .”

Without an iota of doubt , the serious consequences of unemployment on kashmiri youth life are quite severe.