Top Cop Dr. Sailendra Mishra speech widely appreciated in Kashmir

Rameez Makhdoomi


Dr.Sailendra Mishra , IPS top cop known for his professional skills in the unstable Kashmir Valley in a recent function at Shrenagar Rajasthan gave much humane, realistic speech on Kashmir which was widely appreciated on ground and online world  . His discourse was quite unique, refreshing  and interesting .

Importantly he stated that we need to understand the reasons that lead to creation of Waseem Ahmad Malla and Burhan wani – ” We need to understand and read the story that makes militant and not just go through the episode of killing ,” stated Dr.Sailendra Mishra .

He observed that militants have actually rejected being Indian as a result of anger against system and frustration .” In Jammu and Kashmir we have certainly acts of  violence but not the what fits into terrorism , the terrorism is what we witnessed few days back in Egypt mosque when suicide bombers killed over three hundred Muslims ,” remarked Mishra.

Striking a very different note than the traditional monotonous note that follows the issues confronting kashmir conflict, Sailendra Mishra stated that we should never celebrate the killing of militant as it signals the defeat of system and adds to anger on ground .What Dr.Sailendra Mishra has stated is poles in contrast to the recent tweet of Cricketer Sehwag, which got heavily criticized in Kashmir. Sehwag had tweeted – ”Congratulations to @adgpi and J&K Police for the unbeaten double century this year, eliminating 200 terrorists in 2017 alone. Jai Hind ! May there be peace

— Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) 

Dr. Sailendra Mishra observed  that bravery, sacrifices  of Jammu and Kashmir police  get hardly noticed and praise is showered just on army and Paramilitary forces . He also went on to say that Prime time debates will never show true picture of Kashmir as real kashmir is full of hospitality and love.

After a long time a speech of security official has received such appreciation in pain hit Kashmir.