Stree Shakti Mahotsava Dayawati Modi Award presented to Alka Saraogi

In an important development  at India International center,  Delhi the Stree Shakti , the Parallel Force, well known women oriented organization  of India  presented recently  prestigious Award Dayawati Modi to well known Hindi writer Alka Saraogi .

Honorable philospher and Politician  Dr. Karan Singh was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Prominent writer Smt. CHITRA Mudgal and Dancer Shovana Narayan  were guests of honour along with Dr. KK Mishra.

Smt.  Chitra Mudgal lauded the efforts of Stree Shakti for identifying the global and national women of struggle and repute . 

She observed that Dayawati Modi Award has recognised women from all sectors,  and urged all to take efforts for upliftment of women  ..

Alka Saraogi eminent Indian novelist and short story writer in the Hindi language received on 27 July, 2022 the  prestigious prestigious Stree Shakti Award at India International center New Delhi, India.

Young boy Devansh who recently made an interesting movie x or y to promote gender equality was given the first Gender Influencer award instuited by Stree Shakti .

Rekha Mody , Founder of Stree Shakti lauded the efforts of Alka Saraogi for translation of magnificent stories in Teerah Halaf Namey.  She lauded the efforts of esteemed Dr. Karan Singh poineering efforts in field of Hindi Publishing and literature .

Shovana Narayan ace Dancer of India stated that Rekha Mody has carried forward the tradition of women activism, research,   literature and civilization legacy forward in positive direction.

Dr. Karan Singh eminent philosopher and politician of the country observed that he has seen the birth and evolution  of great country of India. He said from Jawahir Lal Nehru to Narendra Modi he had maintained positive contacts with all Prime Minister’s and Presidents of the country  .

He saluted great efforts of Rekha Mody in women empowerment efforts  .Dr. Karan Singh called it historical development that tribal women becoming President of India as few decades back tribal population was not taken into reckoning anywhere.

Dr. Kamal Kishor Mishra, eminent Professor of Sanskrit modulated the entire programme