Combating Corruption – News Kashmir Exclusive

Corruption has been hydra headed monster for Jammu and Kashmir. In the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir the tag of being among the most corrupt states of country hurt the image and progress of Jammu and Kashmir.  But , now realities are changing as the Government of Jammu and  Kashmir is making rapid progress to root out the menace of corruption. The drive against corrupt Government officials by different Government agencies is a great step welcomed by one and all.

In recent times while rendering historic efforts in ending corruption in Jammu and several high ranking officials have been booked and arrested while accepting bribe  .

Just few days back, Anti Corruption Bureau received a complaint against one Manzoor Ahmad, Field Supervisor posted in the office of JK SC, ST & OBC Development Corporation, Baramulla for allegedly accepting bribe of ₹15,000 and demanding bribe of ₹4000 from complainant for processing his loan case.

The complainant alleged that he is running a Kiryana Shop at old Town Baramulla and to expand his business about six months ago he had applied for loan under the Scheme from SC, ST & OBC Development Corporation Baramulla. The interest rate for the said loan is 6% for which he was eligible. He fulfilled all the required formalities for sanction of his loan. The concerned field Supervisor and district officer were not sanctioning loan in favour of the complainant.

Few weeks back, Anti-corruption Bureau  arrested Tehsildar Shalteng and Naib-tehsildar Batamaloo in Srinagar district for allegedly accepting bribe.

An ACB spokesman said it received a written complaint alleging therein that Mohammad Younis, Tehsildar and Gh. Rasool Hajam, Naib-Tehsildar of Tehsil Office Shalteng are demanding rupees 5 lakh as bribe for allowing the complaints to run their business on Nazool land transferred in their favour under Roshni Act which has been recently declared ultra vires, at Rampur, Chattabal Srinagar, while the matter is sub-judice and pending disposal before the Court of law.

About a month back, Anti Corruption Bureau traps and arrests Gulzar Ahmad Makloo, Patwari, Halqa Zakoora, Srinagar for demanding ₹50,000 and accepting ₹15,000 bribe for issuance of revenue extracts.

In a statement, Anti Corruption Bureau said that they received a written complaint wherein it has been alleged that Gulzar Ahmad Makloo, Patwari, Halqa Zakura, Srinagar is demanding Rs. 50,000/- as a bribe for issuance of revenue extracts of land in favour of the complainant.

The need of the hour is that Government of Jammu and Kashmir continues these drives against corrupt elements and above all they should be given exemplary punishment.