SSMD participates in Asian Designer Week

New Delhi 5th May:
SSMD School of Fashion and Design in collaboration with MODART International Paris and VIDM New Delhi participated at the Asian Designer Week today and displayed a Kashmiri traditional collection. The participating designers had come together from all over the world and appreciated the outstanding designs by the Kashmiri students of SSMD who showcased their designs on such a huge platform for the first time.

Speaking on the occasion, Director, SSMD School of Fashion and Design, Ms. Insha Qazi mentioned that due to turmoil in Kashmir the students have lesser opportunities and hence SSMD aims to provide a creative release to the pent-up energy for the students in such events. She said that encouraging participants in such events act as a catalyst, in order to empower youth so that they generate self employment opportunities. She also spoke at length about the Institute’s commitment to provide the best facilities for their students at extremely reasonable prices, and with special considerations for those who find it beyond their means to show case their talent, because creativity does not come with a price tag attached.

Speaking about the collection on display, she said that the collection was named “Hamin Asto” which literally translates to ‘This is it’, taken from the Persian saying “Agar Firdaus, Bar Ruhe Zamin Ast, Hamin Asto, Hamin Asto, Hamin Ast” (If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here) that was popularised by Emperor Jahangir, when he first visited Kashmir and was charmed by its beauty. The garments were inspired by the rich and lush Mughal gardens of Kashmir and were a tribute to the absolute beauty of the Valley. She said that their garments stood out because the embroidery done on the products was exclusively handcrafted with precious gold and silver threads called Tilla and Däbka, done by the skilled craftsmen of Kashmir and designed meticulously by the students of SSMD. The fabrics ranged from chanderi, fine mulmul, matka silk, voile, and rich regal velvet. Techniques like hand block printing had been used with vegetable dyes and gold leaf embossing with a generous use of quilting and tilla hand embroidery in resham. The collection had heavy use of thread and metallic gold.