Sofia Qazi, Women entrepreneur interview

Sofia Qazi, Women entrepreneur interview 

Mir Sabeen Gulrez

In the breathtaking city of Srinagar, Kashmir,Sofia Qazi and her Husband co-founded a restaurant namely “Café Tibet”.Being a co founder of a restaurant, Sofia is a talented cook, mother, and businesswoman, who opened Cafe Tibet with her husband. Many people are inspired by their endurance, innovation, and positive impact on the community.The Ambience of the restaurant is the main attraction where you can spend hours with your near one’s forgetting the world aside. 

The desire to cook that Sofia has always had inspired her to seek a profession in the culinary arts. After finishing her education, Sofia got married and wanted to be a self dependent , she honed her abilities and discovered a passion for cooking inventive foods that are also delicious. She had always wanted to create her own restaurant, and with her husband’s help, she was able to do it.

While taking a sigh of relief Sophia said that, “

Looking back 2 years ago we were in the garment business and it was a struggle. The pandemic made it worse and the issues which led to a stressful year. As time passed we needed to bring change. And all we could think of was only the food industry and its importance thanks to the pandemic”.

” Realising our food culture was pretty much the talk of the town and how it was appreciated, it was exactly what we needed”, she further added. 

With its emphasis on Tibetan food and cosy, welcoming ambiance, Cafe Tibet immediately became well-liked in Srinagar. Due to Sofia’s dedication to using only the freshest, highest-quality products and her creative culinary style, Cafe Tibet has become a popular restaurant in the area.

Sofia is committed to her community, but she goes more than that. She is dedicated to providing those in her community who have had trouble finding jobs with employment possibilities. Under her direction, Cafe Tibet has developed into a centre of employment, creating possibilities for numerous locals.

Due to Sofia and her husband’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity, the workplace they have established cherishes its staff members. They offer guidance and assistance, fostering a supportive and upbeat work atmosphere for their employees.

Further Talking to News Kashmir Magazine she further Added, “We decided to take this chance as an opportunity and being located in Lal chowk, just aside from the hotspot near the bund road. The setting was idle for   a cafe and we made a go for it”.

Journalist Mir Sabeen Gulrez, through Sofia Qazi-on-Record answered questions like this, 

Sabeen : where from  you are? 

Sofia:Our origin is from Tibet. And it’s been around 70+ years and counting since our ancestors took refuge in kashmir.

 Sabeen : Does winter sesson hit business in Kashmir?

Sofia :We generally serve Tibetan and Chinese cuisine along with some Indian too.Our speciality would be in momo’s, thukpa’s, fried rice, shafales. 

Sabeen: What  are special things offered there at your restaurant

Sofia : Considering winter and summer season both are lovely as kashmir is a paradise in itself. And the weather here is a bliss.

Sabeen : What has been  inspiration  in your journey?

Sofia :Eversince and before we’d started our food business we have always been reluctant towards our previous business as it wasn’t very favourable. 

The idea of continuing our native cuisine and keeping it alive was what we always considered a better option. Also we are pretty enthusiastic about our food reviews or our service, we strive to bring perfection in what we do and leave no margin for errors.

Sabeen : Your future Goals?

Sofia : We strive to deliver quality over quantity. And our portions are very much worth every rupee. And the locals here fancy tasty food. Hence our food soldiers are hardly concerned with the weather issues. 

Kashmir known as the paradise mostly relies on tourism and during the peak season time in winter and summers, we get only a few outstation tourists.