Poet Should use easy Language :Sagar Nazir, Poet

Poet should use easy language : Sagar Nazir, Poet

Known famously by Pen Name young Sagar Nazir (Real name Nazir Ahmad Waza) from North Kashmir famous town of Pattan has over the years risen to be an eminent poet of Kashmir.

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

How was family support like?
Family support was like anything for me and especially parents stood behind me always. The Almighty Allah has been kind enough to me .Friends, Neighbours and my village people have been great support to me.

Which poets have influenced you?
From the old generation of poets great Rasool Mir has influenced me a lot, from new ones Dr. Aziz Hajini ,Rukhsana Jabeen have inspired me lot and few legendary poets who are behind my success include late Mohammad Ahsan Asan Sahab, who was not dependent on any introduction. Professor Mohammad Zama Azardoo, Ghulam Qadir shaad Dardapori from our side who taught me how to read and write Kashmir language.
How many books have you authored?
It is a very important question and in this regard I would like to first mention that I have compiled works of some unknown poets in form of books which are about seven in number.
My own first book is titled “Thaer Angenich”based on Kashmir poetry and other on children titled ” Zooni Mouj” and the upcoming too is on Kashmiri poetry titled “Panjrich Hayre”.

What prompted you to poetry?
From Childhood I was inclined towards listening Radio Kashmir programme and this translated into my love for poetry and first I started writing in Urdu and then full fledged in Kashmir language I wrote poetry.
My first pen name was Kamran and today I write Sagar Nazir and my real name is Nazir Ahmad Waza.
Your message to young poets?
I would like to request my young and budding writers that my message is they should use language that is easily understood by all and keep in consideration everyone from farmer to vendor . They should also write on current Kashmir pain and write on the culture as well as be cautious to protect our rich tradition.
What are main topics of your poetry?
My favourite topics focus on our tradition, ancient times and culture. I also focus on the current tragic situation of Kashmir wherein a mother is unsure whether the son that leaves in morning for work would come back safely in evening.
One of the song written by me which became quite famous here in Kashmir and Pakistan ,USA and other parts and was translated in other languages Bangi drayokh changiy ma chaak ( You left in morning not to come back .
One of my poetic Ghazal on our rich tradition also became quite famous and was translated in about two dozen languages.
Any thing more?
Yes I would like to state that in my area Chukkar Pattan I run the Sagar Cultural Forum wherein all the budding poets are given chance and many literary events held.
Besides one of my written song when a bride leaves her home is also quite popular titled :”Raji Mauliun travon”.