Social Media: Boon or Bane, opinion 9 January 2023




 Social media are very useful for us . In today’s era, the use of social media has become a necessary  activity. Billions of people around the world use social media to share information but we can’t say that it is only boon, but it has disadvantages as well.   First of all let us  look at the advantages  of the social  media. 

      Social media  have changed the lives of modern society. People talk and chat with other people through this . It has the potential for  employment opportunities for the  unemployed . We can make many  friends on it who live far away from us. People can express their talent on social media sites, they can get money for their talent. If any student gets stuck in any question, they can use the YouTube or educational apps to solve their doubt. Self study has become easy for . If We have no time to buy things from shops . we can use social media sites ( shopping apps ) and can order online from home. If we want to taste different types of food, we can also order them, wherever want to order. We can pay from our social media platforms . We can play online games with our friends.

       Now let’s look at some  disadvantages of the  social media. Today,   people are addicted to social media. They  utilise it for entertainment.  They are becoming lazy day by day. People have lose connections with the real friends and family members. Sometimes  social media can provide us fake news. Some people cleverly steal other’s information to blackmail them. Sometime students don’t get the actual answers of their question from social media platforms. Shopping  from online shops can prove disastrous.  Kids have  got addicted to the online games

     Social media have both  pros and cons. However,  it is up to us to use  social media in the best possible manner. Proper guidance is necessary in this regard. In the pursuit of benefits, we must not lose the sight of the disastrous sides of the social media.