Rest in Heavens Mohammad Amin Wani

Rest in Heavens Mohammad Amin Wani
By Rameez Makhdoomi
A pious soul, helping hand for all and a heart that had hate for none Mohammad Amin Wani Resident of Naidyar Naidbooni,  Rainawari passed away  at Tata  Hospital Mumbai  on 14 January 2024.
On 15 January 2024, he was laid to rest at ancestral graveyard at Malkah  near Zaroo Gun Factory amid sea of people.
He was son of well respected and noble personality late Ghulam Hassan Wani.
Throughout his life ,he dedicated his life towards lending a helping hand to all.  He was also dedicated and honest during his service career in Power Development Department ( PDD), known  as an hard working  official and worked untiringly.
He had great love and dedications towards teachings of Islam,  and often visited with full respect the Sufi shrines of Kashmir.
After retirement,  he set a shop selling daily commodities of use. The shop was center of attraction for the locality, discussing their issues and exchanging greetings. With locals getting benefited from Shop in diverse ways.
Mohammad Amin Wani offered smiling face to all and jealousy, hate, indifference were non-existent in his nature. He followed kindness and soft hearted approach.
He followed the path of following every  relationships very wholeheartedly and respected every relationship.
He has special love for kids and they used to throng his shop.
Mohammad Amin Wani funeral was attended by huge number of people from surrounding, distant  areas and all were full of praise for his versatile, kind and dynamic personality.
His colleagues who had got opportunity to work with him during his service tenure were all of praise for Mohammad Amin Wani defining him a generous and magnificent personality.
His local friends defined him as a loving and caring personality.
The lovely sense of humor of Mohammad Amin Wani was liked by one and all. It had the power to light up any tough situation.
He had often and regular habit of inquiring the well being of one and all . Attending five time prayers at local Mosque was another of his strong traits. The children used to address him lovingly as Amin Uncle.
May God bless the departed soul with heavenly abode .
( The writer is son in law of Late Mohammad Amin Wani).