Examination season has come, opinion 22 January,2024 issue

Examination Season has come
Vijay GarG
It is often seen that when the exams are about to start, students face a lot of problems in preparing the syllabus completely. This problem comes especially to those children who do not study anything throughout the year. Then they search the internet for answers to questions like how to prepare for papers in one or months. There are many children who start studying when they feel that there is no other option but to study. This is completely wrong because so much It cannot be completed in a few days due to the large syllabus. Therefore, one should keep preparing for whatever is conducted in the class throughout the year so that there is no trouble in the papers. Never assume that you will read near the papers. Well new year acts as an alarm for students to wake up kids, now your exams are near. Let’s know about the ways, by which you can study more in less time. Make a schedule and read.
The most important thing to keep in mind The only thing that happens is the schedule. Time table is the easy way. which helps you to use the time to study properly. Here it is important that every student should make his own personal schedule. If possible, it should be pasted on the wall in your room. The schedule should be such that your personal responsibilities can also be accommodated and you don’t have any problem in working accordingly. Whatever you do in your daily life. Prepare the schedule keeping that in mind. It is morning time appropriate All the materials you have available related to different subjects, keep them together in one place. After this you have to choose a time when you can concentrate only on studies. By the way, the morning time is the most suitable for reading because at that time what is read is remembered quickly, but whatever time you think is right and appropriate, give it priority.
Distance from social
There are some students who are not interested in studies at all. In today’s time, this The reason can be social websites, watching videos on mobile, online games etc. Therefore, it is important to create a conducive environment for learning. In such a situation, it is necessary to stay away from these social sites for some time and read in a peaceful environment. Family members should also not visit the child’s room frequently if he is studying. Relax for a few minutes while reading Breaks in between reading time are also important because you are not a robot who can read for hours without rest. According to experts, 45 minutes from reading a 10- 15 minute break is necessary afterwards.
If you do not understand some things even after repeated reading, then you can take the help of your teacher or classmate. While studying, don’t think that this subject is very difficult, I won’t be able to read t, so leave it, but study with our heart to get good narks. Ask yourself the question instead of memorizing any lesson, try to understand it, so that it does not leave your mind. Never read while. Lying down because that way you will read less and sleep. Repeat instead of ending new in the last days Pay attention to the e. f any important information is found, write n your copy and underline t. Solve various model test papers. Ask yourself how hard you are working onwards the goal you want to Achieve it down for not, why so?
Take care of health Also take special care of your health during the papers. Stay away from any kind of stress. 7-8 hours of sleep is very important because with a tired body he mind is not interested in studying. Do not waste time on difficult questions in the exam. Which questions you well as hey come, do them first. Mentally prepare yourself what if something comes out of the syllabus in the paper, if you don’t remember what you have read then. Low to solve it instead of Janicking. Give more time o difficult subjects In school, you get equal time or every subject, whether out find it easy or difficult, But at home you can give more time to that subject, in which you think that you leed more effort in it. Sometimes it is seen that many children eat and drink when the exams are approaching. They also leave They should not do this at all as doing so can harm our health. If you fall ill when you will not be able to prepare well for the exams. Do not be afraid of exams. We should always understand he objective of the exam. Don’t be afraid of exams. If you study carefully when you can never fail and have good syllabus in less time. You can pass with good narks by preparing. Always remember one thing that the harder the struggle, the more glorious will be his victory.
Vijay GarG is Eetired Principal Educational columnist malout Punjab