Rejuvenating Carpet Sector of Kashmir

Carpet industry has historically been backbone of Kashmir as it has provided meaningful employment to youth and been representative of our exports and in a way also represented our culture. The splendid carpet industry of Kashmir has wonderful history behind it. Pertinently, Kashmir carpet industry is of Persian origin. The trade, which has been handed down by the grand artisans of Iran, prospered and thrive to huge extent in the valley of Kashmir during the Mughal rule in Kashmir.

Nevertheless, the Persian culture influenced the Kashmiri carpet for quite a long time. It was only after a long period of time that Kashmiri carpet acquired some sought of  an aboriginal quality. On the otherhand, although in India the origin of hand-knotted carpets can be traced back more than 1800-2000 years, in Kashmir, however, its history begins with the invasion of Mughals. With the touch of local artistic splendor the Kashmiri carpet attained a sky-scraping degree of perfection and carved out an ‘elite’ place in the worldwide market.

At this juncture painfully enough the carpet industry in Kashmir does not show much healthy picture . Despite having all the potential for generating huge employment and earning bulk of foreign reserves, the low allocation by the government for this sector has reduced its growth to a limited size and curtailed its reach in the national market  and not many are taking carpet industry as a serious option and younger generation seems to be disinterested towards carpet sector.


The realities of the present hour state that presently the Carpet Sector  of Kashmir should be paid attention so as to strengthen the economy of Kashmir and return the lost sheen of the carpet industry of Kashmir  .