Modi’s Magic Mantra?

News Kashmir Exclusive


Unprecedented security measures were  put in place here in Kashmir ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally on Saturday, with security forces manning all the entry and exit points of the Srinagar city.  The authorities in Kashmir had unleashed cracked down on hundreds of political activists and pro-independence leaders just ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the region. The venue for the – Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium – was virtually  turned into a fortress with Special Protection Group (SPG) taking over it.

From analytical paradigm, “MODI-MAGIC” mantra not long ago was seen electorally  sweeping across all India as a result in 2014 General Elections  a thumping win and  clean sweep for BJP was ensured. But with growing acts of intolerance in the country the governance model has come into question.

MLA Langate Engineer Rashid, While talking Exclusively to News Kashmir stated – ” There is no such thing as Modi Magic Mantra with reference to Kashmir. Kashmir is being caged and suffocated virtually turned into a prison on the eve of Prime Minister Visit .Kashmir needs resolution of its political conflict not mere meaningless packages. Intolerance is at its peak in India and it is no longer Gandhi’ s India. Modi needs to shun extremist approach and be mature, inclusive if he wants to see way ahead in Kashmir. Suffocations and repressions cannot deter people of Kashmir.”

Faizaan Bhat, a student  and columnist  states – ” Kashmir is a humanitarian issue and needs humanitarian solution and perspective. Prime Minister trips to Kashmir will make any sort of sense to Kashmir only when some sought of concrete political packages is announced until that nothing concrete can be achieved . Any further delay in resolution of political disputes endangers peace and harmony in this world.”

How much peace is still fragile in Kashmir was evident as just 36 hours before  Prime   Minister visit militants hurled a grenade towards the CRPF camp housed in a hotel at Khyam Srinagar in which 13 CRPF personnel were injured.

On the otherhand, Business community in its own way had its expectations  from the visit .  ”We are pinning high hopes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to Jammu and Kashmir on November 7. It would give a new pace to development projects across the state,” AJKPC President, Anil Sharma told reporters .

Commoners have their own expectations from the overall dynamics of prime Minister visit as they are hoping this visit will have beneficial consequences on Kashmir.  Bashir Ahmad, a commoner states – ‘’The magic mantra of prime Minister would work on ground only if the State and Central governments in real sense walk the talk. We hope the era of unemployment that has long pained Kashmir would be now solved. In addition of solving the problems of unemployment and giving an effective economic package to the state we are also hoping that some sort of dialogue mechanism would be started with all shades of opinion  and this conflict will be settled so that we move towards a brighter Jammu and Kashmir .’’

Most of the pulse on ground reflects that Magic Mantra of Prime Minister would only be effective if it yields concrete economic and political package that would solve decades of misery and sufferings of Kashmiris.