Power outage creates Mess in District Hospital Budgam

  • DH Budgam experiences 2-hr power outage due to electrician’s absence
    * Toilets turned into stores; admin in deep slumber

SRINAGAR, Aug 29: ASYM District hospital Budgam has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The hospital experienced power outage from 2:30AM to 4AM and there was no one to start the generator because the electician was absent from duty. Patients and attendants had to bear extreme hardships as the entire hospital building was plunged into total darkness.

“This is very unfortunate and shows how the employees are taking the hospital administration for a ride. There are critical patients admitted here and this kind of callous behaviour is unacceptable,” said Feroz Ahmad, one of the attendents.

The power was restored only after the electrician came at 4 in the morning.

“This hospital also runs 24×7 gynae theatre. Imagine if this power outage had taken place while operation then the life of both mother and child would have been in danger,” said another attendent, Nissar Ahmed.

Significantly, the hospital has for long been a victim of official apathy.

From lack of specialist doctors and paramedical staff to abysmal sanitation conditions, the hospital narrates a dismal tale of official apathy.

There are already less number of toilets in the hospital and to worsen the crisis, some of the toilets have been turned into stores by the administration.

The matter was brought to the notice of minister for health, Mr Bali Bagat, who had directed the director health to get the toilets cleaned up within 12 hours. However, five days have passed but the toilets continue to be in the same state.