Political uncertainty mars Jammu & Kashmir

News Kashmir Exclusive
Political uncertainty and Kashmir valley or at larger spectrum State of Jammu and Kashmir have unfortunately enough assumed the status of being synonymous to one another. Frequent
Governor rules, Unsure alliances, awkward combinations have become the fate of commoners of the state as a result the overall spectrum especially with reference to development has suffered a lot . The stateof Jammu and Kashmir  is currently under Governor’s rule following the death of the Mehbooba’s father and then Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on January 7.




“If they cannot make the government, then they should make it clear so that we can take the next stand, whatever it is.


Why keep people waiting in a situation where terrorism is all over,” NC patron and former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah told reporters recently .


“As far as I am concerned the point here is that the two (PDP and BJP) have the mandate. BJP here (in Jammu) and PDP there (in Kashmir). I would request them, for God’s sake get on with their job,” he added.


While targeting the two parties over the uncertainty, Abdullah said, “People want a government, so that their difficulties could be removed. That is very important.” His comments came as the suspense continued for the 13th day over government formation with PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti keeping her plans secret.


While talking to News Kashmir Magazine Amir Suhail , a research scholar states – ” Political uncertainty over the decades has loomed large over the state of Jammu and Kashmir since last many decades and has had adverse impacts on the polity and governance paradigms of Jammu and Kashmir .Political parties have played with sentiments of masses of state and have never been able to provide any serious governance as evident from frequent political stalemate in the state. Kashmir with already a burning dispute added by this governance chaos the realities get blurred.”

Opposition National Conference has already raised lambasting tone while criticised PDP and BJP for maintaining uncertainty over government formation in Jammu and Kashmir and asked the coalition partners to come clear on the issue without keeping the people waiting.



On the otherhand, President of state unit of BJP Sat Sharma said the government will be in place very soon.


PDP has said Mehbooba is in the process of reviewing the implementation of the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ during the 10-month-rule of PDP-BJP government headed by her father and a decision would be taken in due course.


PDP has said it was “highly unlikely” that it would form the next government with BJP till “we receive concrete assurances on key issues flagged by our party leader Naeem Akhtar last week.


Commoners too are upset with this uncertainty.

Shabir Ahmad, a commoner states – “ The common  men of Jammu and Kashmir have always craved for effective governance but what we have achieved so far is quiet appalling as all political parties have not concentrated on the governance front and a stable government since many years especially due to era of coalitions has just been restored to a mere dream.”

Uncertainty and era of unsure alliances and frequent governor rules have certainly on ground zero added to frustration of masses.